Rick Wiles and the devastation of America in 2010: a muddied cup of prophecy

Rick Wiles and Trunews want to close the books on 2010 prophecy

Background to the story: …..January 8. 2010 – Rick Wiles issues a message through his Trunews.com ministry that he clearly labels as a message he received from the Holy Spirit after a period of prayer and fasting. The mp3 broadcast link is:http://www.trunews.com/Audio/1_08_10_friday_trunews2.mp3

Some of the points made on the Jan. 8 2010 broadcast were as follows: (all quotes taken from the transcript, please check mp3 link for actual broadcast), followed by my comments :

Last 3 months of 2010 will be brutal for America. The storm that will hit in the last 3 months of the year will not destroy America but it will stagger and stun the nation. There will be a great disruption in the nations commerce, communications, transportations and supply lines that will impact America for years. Tell my people to use the first 6 months of 2010 to prepare for the last 3 months. A year of bloodshed , violence, terror and fear

. …………..my comment: I am unaware of any such event having occurred in the U.S in 2010. Also, what was especially brutal about the last 3 months of the year, that wasn’t in play during the first 9 months?

Rick will broadcast from a remote location.
He has peace about where God is sending him. Has too many enemies.
By end of 2010 Rick must leave USA to do the work
Rick Wiles will leave – will go somewhere else before end of 2010. America’s Hope tent meetings will take place first – he expects that will be his last ministry inside the borders of the USA. …………..

my comments: None of the above occurred. Rick Wiles stayed at his home in Florida. The explanation he gives now (refer to new Jan. 8 2011 broadcast, referenced below) is that he stayed because God told him he would finalize the America’s Hope tent project first, before leaving the country. …….Hmmmm, I’m pretty sure God knew that the tent project would not be completed in 2010. Also, I think it would be wise for him to  learn the difference between “enemies” and people who look at his words closely because they are presented to be from God.

This is life and death. Your life will depend upon your going to the Lord in prayer and fasting during the first 3 months of this new year (2010)

………..my comment: I don’t know about anyone else, but there’s something wierd about an internet minister telling me how I need to do this in the first 3 months of the year, or I will be dead.

In his May 24, 2010, broadcast, link : http://www.trunews.com/Audio/5_24_10_monday_trunews2.mp3 Mr. Wiles took a big step forward in clarifying the nature of this big event that was coming in 2010 that would stagger and change the face of the country, and cut communication and transportation lines, etc. (as stated in the Jan. 8 broadcast). He named it as specifically being a nuclear explosion. He made it clear to his listeners that if what the Holy Spirit told him in January 2010 proved to be wrong he would do the right thing and publicly announce that he will never again say the Lord spoke to him.  The following is taken word-for-word from the last 3 minutes of this May 24 broadcast:

“My friends, we’re on the verge of a nuclear explosion in this country – the Lord told me at the beginning of this year, January 8, 2010. I came out of a fast and walked into this studio and told you what the Holy Spirit told me, and I’m standing by it. If I did not hear from God during that week of fasting, then I’ll never hear God. And I hope I’m wrong, I hope I hope I hope I’m wrong. With all my heart I hope I’m wrong. I hope I’m totally humiliated and never prophesy again, because I don’t want what I saw to come true. But what I heard the Holy Spirit tell me during that week of fasting at the beginning of this year, was that we had three months to seek Him in prayer and fasting, to seek His face and He would give us a plan. We would have 6 months to prepare and the last 3 months of 2010 – He said we will need His mercy to get through the last 3 months. I’m going to stand by it. Again, if I didn’t hear God, then I can’t hear God. If that wasn’t God speaking to me then I will never again as long as I live say that the Lord spoke to me. And I’m telling you tonight that everything is lining up towards a World War this year. One of the things the Holy Spirit told me in January was that many people will die in 2010, including many Christians. And He said ‘do not mourn or grieve the death of so many Christians. It is my mercy, I am taking them out of this world as tribulation starts’. The time of tribulation is near. We are in the time of sorrows. The earth is groaning. The signs are everywhere – wars and rumors of wars, pestulence and plagues, famines. The Lord Jesus Christ is coming back, and the Church isn’t ready. Arouse yourself and prepare yourself, for the Lord is coming. Arise and wait for Him. Be prepared and tell everyone you know. Jesus Christ is coming.”

On January 8, 2011, Mr. Wiles came out with an “one year anniversary” broadcast to review the message given a year ago. link: http://www.trunews.com/Audio/1_07_11_friday_trunews2.mp3

I eagerly tuned in. Was this to be the occasion that Mr. Wiles kept his promise before God and his listeners to publicly admit error, and agree to never speak on behalf of the Lord again? No, this was not the case. Sadly, this opportunity to make things right was turned into a “panel discussion” with 5 guests about whether or not the original message had indeed been a true word from the Lord. And who was on the panel? One person I had never heard of, but two were frequent guests on his show, (Mr. Nathan Leal, and Mr. Augusto Perez, who are also heavily into the prophecy realm on the internet) and the other two were announced as members of Mr. Wiles’ Board of Directors. (I think the legal profession would refer to this as a “rigged jury.”)

In this anniversary broadcast, explanations were given as to why events in 2010 didn’t seem to concur with what the message had stated. It was offered that things “were set in motion” in 2010, which would not be brought to fruition until a later date. It was offered that the “big event” that the Holy Spirit told him about was the body scanners and body searches occurring in the nation’s airports. It was offered that Mr. Wiles never left the country in 2010 because the start of the America’s Hope project was delayed.

In brief, Mr. Wiles fell miles short of admitting any error. No assurance was given to the listeners that he will stop issuing messages from the Lord in the future. The spirit of the anniversary broadcast could only be described by any reasonable listener as a defense of the original message being a genuine word from the Holy Spirit. Please listen for yourself, so there will be no question of misquoting anyone.

In conclusion, I would make the following points:

God does not just hear our words, He knows our hearts, and he reads the heart, or spirit of everything we do. We all need to be accountable for the spirit of what we say and do. I submit that the spirit of Mr. Wiles message of Jan. 8, 2010 was that the Holy Spirit told him America would be utterly devestated by a major incident occurring sometime just before or during the last three months of the year in 2010. The devestation would be so severe that some of us who were healthy enough should consider leaving the country. He stated the Holy Spirit told him he would be out of the country before 2010 ended. He reiterated the dramatic nature of the coming event in a later message, (May 24), and stated that the major incident of 2010 the Holy Spirit told him about would be a nuclear explosion. There was no doubt about when, it was clearly to be sometime in the latter part of 2010. This was the spirit of the message. People who are clever with words can find loopholes to obscure the real meaning of any message, but all we need to do is look to the spirit of the message to know what is really being said.

Nobody is misquoting anyone. Nobody is taking anyone out of context. Nobody is twisting words. Words are being scrutinized because they have been represented to the body of Christians as the words of the Holy Spirit. Could anything less be expected? If the words are from God, they should be able to stand up to scrutiny.

When a person stands up in a public broadcast and announces he is speaking words given to him from the Holy Spirit about the future, that person shouldn’t be offended when some of the listeners want to hold up the words to the light of day to seek confirmation for themselves.  Mr. Wiles calls these people his “enemies“. People calling for scrutiny of such serious public statements as this does not make them  the “enemies” of the prophet who spoke. And when the future timeframe stated in the prophecy arrives, and fails to confirm that it was the Holy Spirit speaking, and still the prophet steadfastly sticks to his story that it was, ……..well, any student of the Bible will know about how serious this is. (Luke 12:10)

The odd thing to me is that we all know these bad times and wicked events are coming. We don’t need anything other than the Bible to know this. What we don’t know is when. Why do some in the body always insist on stepping forward to be the ones God reveals His timelines to? The ones who are truly going to inherit the best of the riches of the kingdom of heaven are the ones who are now silently and anonomously working to bring the gospel to all corners of the earth, without regard to personal aggrandisement or recognition, not the ones waving their arms back and forth, saying “look over here, I’ve got the truth.”

Its so sad how so many Christians these days just insist on getting their sense of direction from men. They either don’t have enough faith or self-assurance to just open up the Bible and let it, and prayer, obedience, and a personal relationship with Christ be the guiding lights in their lives.

………….published by endtimedelusion          a blog of JD Ellis 



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93 Responses to Rick Wiles and the devastation of America in 2010: a muddied cup of prophecy

  1. I’ve listened to some of his recent interviews. I enjoy listening to his guests… however folks this guy is a scammer for gosh sakes…. he came from a large ministry system which is a machine to extract money from the poor, misfortured, widowed, etc… Yes think about about it… he broadcast from West Palm area, if he was truely trying to pinch every penny to give back to the needy and make best use of the donor’s money he’d be broadcasting from somewhere with a less expensive zip code.

    • Yes, he was marketing manager at TBN – one of the most heretical institutions in all history. And he feels that background qualifies him to call himself “Pastor Rick Wiles.” People who send this guy money thinking they are donating to the kingdom of God are sorely misled. As you imply, money donated goes to further his media empire which is being built on the backs of people who believe this is a movement of God. And who really knows how much actually doesn’t even make it into the “ministry” coffers, and ends up in his pocket to support his beach lifestyle.

      Of course, none of us will ever know the answer because he has used his financial expertise to set up his ministry in such a way that he is not legally obligated to open his books to public scrutiny. Trunews listeners and doners, wake up. You are being scammed.

      Thanks for visiting the site Kevin,
      God bless you,
      JD Ellis

  2. Armin Groesch says:

    Looks like God changed his mind again,Rick has put video streaming plans on indefinite hold
    because God told him it’s too late according to last night’s broadcast 9/25/14.I wonder if all the
    people who donated money for this will get a refund? Kind of wonder which God he heard in
    the first place.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Rick is a liar. What happened to Revelation Radio with Daniel Duval. A man that Rick said God spoke to him about bringing on board. Rick doesn’t hear from God. He’s a liar and a deceiver. I once thought he was a good man, but quickly found out he’s about himself. A total liar.

  4. Al says:

    Thanks! I was listening to these people to just try to get some extra tidbits, but no more. The only prophecies I will believe in are those written in the Bible. I believe Jesus is coming soon, but I also won’t discount that “soon” could be decades away. Focusing on Christ and his Word in the Bible, is the only way to live.

    • Thanks Al. I couldn’t agree more. The real prophecies for today are those contained in God’s word. The heart of man is deceptively wicked. Why should any of us elevate these evil prophecies direct from the hearts and imaginations of man to the level of what God has actually chosen to reveal to us in the scriptures?

      May God bless you,
      JD Ellis

  5. brelu3 says:

    So, God does not use Prophets in the world today? Is God sending us warnings thru these people, like Rick Wiles. I really do believe we all deceive ourselves into not believing, even
    God’s way of dealing with us today. Not too many want to hear of the things coming our way
    very soon. I’m leaving myself open to God, if He brings it before me to hear, I’m going to
    listen. Too many people scoffing at God because they refuse to listen to His warnings.

    • So you think its a Christian ideal to put human experiences above God’s actual word to us contained in His scriptures? The apostles gave us the perfect example about how nothing trumps scripture in authority. 2 Peter 1 16-21 tells us about when the apostles had heard what was UNDENIABLY the voice of God on the mountain. Here is how they reacted: “18 we ourselves heard this very voice borne from heaven, for we were with him on the holy mountain. 19 And we have the prophetic word more fully confirmed, to which you will do well to pay attention as to a lamp shining in a dark place, until the day dawns and the morning star rises in your hearts, 20 knowing this first of all, that no prophecy of Scripture comes from someone’s own interpretation

      Did they elevate their experience higher than the written word? No, they all affirmed that as remarkable as that experience may have been, no human experience comes anywhere close to the written word in authority.

      And what is even less accurate than a human’s dreams? The dreams of a human who has been wrong in the past and already exposed himself as a false prophet.

      May God lift the veil from your eyes, and imprint on your heart the absolute authority of the written word,
      In Christ,
      JD Ellis

  6. Brent Massey says:

    I agree with you if he is making all these prophecies that aren’t coming true then He should be rebuked. However, I think you twisted scripture here: “they all affirmed that as remarkable as that experience may have been, no human experience comes anywhere close to the written word in authority.” That isn’t what that passage is about. He is “reminding” (verse 12) them so that they will “remember these things” (verse 15) after he is gone: his personal testimony. In addition to his personal testimony “we also have the prophetic message” which is scripture (verse 19). You can’t knock false prophecy if you’re going to twist the word of God for your own purposes (teach falsely).

    God does speak through dreams and visions but I also agree that if someone makes a prophecy about them (as opposed to a suggested interpretation like Perry Stone did with his 9/11 dream) and it’s wrong then we shouldn’t listen to them. And even Peter prophesies his own death will be soon (verse 13).

    • First of all, every bible version I have checked clearly has the written word elevated over the human experience the apostles had on the mountain as “more sure” (NKJV) “more fully confirmed” (ESV) “a more sure word” (KJV) “something COMPLETELY reliable” (NIV) “word made more sure” (NASB). The passage goes on to tell us that we would do well to treasure this “as a light shining in a dark place.” This is contrasted to the “cleverly devised myths” of men (v. 16). How much more so should this message be heeded by us today, when we do not have the Savior physically by our side as the apostles did, nor are we apostles, given information directly from the Son of God himself.

      If you fail to see the clear declaration here about scripture being more reliable than the experiences of any man, then you are missing the entire message. The whole point of the passage was that even the apostles, who were sure their experience on the mountain was genuine, still called the written word “the light shining onto a dark place” and we would do well to heed it. And to put the apostles words in context, their comments were made immediately after a wondrous human experience of the glory of God on the mountain. Why did they not exalt the experience they just had as their “shining light”, and encourage us to seek after more such experiences? No, the first words out of their mouths after the experience on the mountain were about how glorious and shining is the written word.

      I fail to see how I was “twisting” the text to arrive at the conclusion that the written word was being held up as our shining light in contrast to whatever we may experience as human beings.

      As far a Perry Stone goes, would you like me to show you how many times and in what ways he has confirmed biblically that he is a false teacher?

      JD Ellis

  7. Brent Massey says:

    Say what ya like, Perry did prophesy the 9/11 tragedy.

    • Even Rick Wiles claims to have prophesied 911. He will have to stand in a long line of Christian leaders who merchandise their “special revelations and insights” as to what is prophesied in the bible. Here is a link to his website “store.”
      Some of the DVDs he is peddling as “secret” revelation from God are going for as much as $50. “Hey buddy, I’ve got the truth, but it’ll cost ya.”
      I think he deserves very close scrutiny and discernment must be applied..

      JD Ellis

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