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I am a born again Christian. I was raised a Catholic, became disillusioned and strayed away from the faith for much of my life, before accepting Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. My guide is the Bible, which I believe is the complete, inspired word of God. I use this blog as a reminder to myself, and others, that we are never to elevate the words of men to the same stage of truth as God’s word.

I was fooled myself for a short time by the false prophets of the internet. I was never fooled by their prophecies, because I believe the Bible is the full and total revelation by God to us in these days. But I found myself listening to all the doom and gloom messages, and I knew something was amiss. God doesn’t take pleasure in spreading fear. The news of the gospel is good news, it is not about fear and panic.

I became determined to sound the alarm so that others may not be harmed by the false doctrine.

All blessings in Christ,

JD Ellis


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  1. Thanks for taking the time to give such a detailed response. Although I have not purposefully followed him for several years now, I can verify that most everything you say about him is very true. He is an extreme example of a false prophet.
    In my heart I was hoping that he had turned away from his wicked ways and stop pretending to speak for the Lord. It is hard to imagine something that will be judged more harshly on the Last Day than falsely speaking in God’s name.
    He used to have a discussion forum attached to watchmen’s cry website and I don’t know if that is still up or not. He ran it in a dictatorial fashion and would harshly confront anybody who dared say he was not actually hearing from God. It seemed to make no difference whatsoever to Nathan whether what he claimed God told him actually came to pass or not. His failed prophecies are numerous, probably ranking in the dozens if not hundreds. He doesn’t care he just quickly moves on to the next topic and hopes everybody forgets.
    I’m actually happy that I was able to play a role in calling him out. Unfortunately I have not had time or resources in recent years to keep up with all the false prophecy coming out of his ministry. I think your lengthy comment here may just inspire me to take up the task once again, since he is clearly still hard at work doing Satan’s work and harming the children of God.
    Thank you again for your important words, and may God keep you and bless you.

    All blessings in Christ
    James Ellis

  2. Not my home says:


    It’s helpful to share our experiences because the enemy wants us to be fearful, silent, isolated, and without a voice. Encountering a deceiver can be destabilizing and makes one question their faith.

    I think that it would be beneficial for you to revisit your concerns about Watchman’s Cry Ministry and to continue to educate others on the dangers of false prophets.

    I’ve revisited some of Nathan’s videos on his Watchmanscry channel on YouTube and left the timeframe of certain redflags that I’d mentioned in my previous comment in order to save you some time.

    I skimmed through some of his old videos. It’s a shame. The first video that I had watched of his, ” End Times Secrets of the Wedding of Cana” was very well done. He was really preaching Gods Word and he did so with conviction and charisma. I think that’s what initially got me hooked. I guess that’s a tactic. They hook you in with the pure truth of God’s Word and after they’ve gained your trust, they slowly indoctrinate you with leaven. It takes discernment to see the inconsistencies and subtle twisting of scripture.

    In the video titled, “The abomination of Desolation Part 2- the Covenant of Daniel”, he instructs us to throw out everything we were taught about eschatology up until this point. He shares the revelations he receives from God where he claims that there will be no peace treaty and the AC will not sit on a throne in the temple of Jerusalem and set himself up as God. He also insinuates that the vaccination is the mark because “you can’t buy or sell without it”.

    In his “Transhuman Agenda of the Beast” video, near 11:43, he insinuates that Donald Trump is the AC (Image of DT flashes on the screen). He actually states this in other videos but I don’t quite remember where.

    The 4 most recent videos were focused on the Russian Ukraine War. In the video titled, “Russia Invades Ukraine-Putin, Jesus and Fake News”, at 32:23, Nathan insults his audience by insinuating that they are too lazy to research. He often does this on FB and many times throughout his other videos. He goes on to say that Jesus told him not to post fake stuff covering this war so we can ensure that we are getting the pure truth from him. At the 33:43 mark, Nathan says that he will block or delete people who disagree with him because he doesn’t want to have to school or educate everyone who is too lazy to read or research (ie he wants to avoid accountability and refuses to back up his opinions with scripture).

    In his video, “Chaos is Coming Tribulation Bootcamp” he mentions that God told him that the first horse riding in with a crown is symbolic of the Corona Virus.

    He mentions in, “The Abomination of Desolation-Daniel 9:27 Finally Explained “(because none of the great men of God have managed to figure this out over the last 2000 years so Nathan had to school us) at the 19:22 mark, he advises us to throw our politics in the trash- which I couldn’t agree with more. The problem is that he contradicts himself and his last 4 videos are entirely political. I’ve noticed that he often does this.

    I’ve just given you a few things to watch out for if you venture over to his YouTube channel. Most of the insanity ensues on his Facebook wall but I don’t believe that you use Facebook, as you’ve mentioned this in previous comments.

    It appears that Nathan shut down his Watchmans Cry forum on March 11th, 2012. He wrote a self-centered blurb-something to the effect of he was getting too many people slandering him, betraying him, and writing blogs about him so he shut it down for good. It sounds like he has the same dictatorship leadership style with managing his FB wall and the comments on his videos.

    I’m sorry that I’ve written a novel. I just wanted to point you in the right direction in case you were interested in exploring this further.

    I’m motivated in exposing him because my heart goes out to the victims who’s lives were damaged as a result of his previous mishaps (false prophesies). I’m particularly saddened to hear about that family from Spokane who uprooted their entire life after Nathan prophesied that the city would be utterly destroyed. They lost their home, their life savings, they nearly ended up homeless, without employment and their family unit was broken.

    It appears that Nathan is a gifted preacher who preaches a good sermon when he focuses on God’s Word, minus the conspiracy theories, political indoctrination and false prophesies/revelations. From my understanding, God’s gifts are irrevocable so perhaps he was walking strongly in Christ at one point in time, but something appears to have changed. Watchmanscry is now starting too look a little like Jonestown.

    Please don’t feel obligated to respond at length to my comment because I know that we are all busy. I will continue to pray for Nathan and ask God to bring the needed correction, if necessary.

    I wish you the best in your mission to educate others on the dangers of false prophets and I appreciate your dedication.

  3. Now I’m getting motivated by my rising anger to know he is still harming people in these shocking ways. He is the exact definition of psychotic narcissist.

    Please continue to fell free to post any and all information you have concerning his ministry right here under the “about” section of my blog. What you have told me so far is very helpful. Others may come to search his name and be led here. In a way, it is our duty to expose him. I will need to update my research on him and figure out the best approach to warn others.
    Many thanks and God bless,
    JD Ellis

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