The endtime cult of Fear

Some of the most ardent and strident merchants of fear in society these days are not who you would expect. They are the “watchmen” of the internet, those prophetic types who fancy themselves in the Biblical role of the watchman on the wall.  They constantly beat the drums about how God’s judgment is upon the land, and catastrophe is always just around the corner. They fuse their own doctrines with scripture to captivate and hold hostage the attention of undiscerning Christians. They imply that the only way to respond to the unfolding global crises is to stay tuned to their broadcasts because they alone have the ‘revelation’ about what’s next to come. They alone have opened up this channel of communication with the Holy Spirit, through acts of their own righteousness, and that channel is not available to the rest of us mere fleshly mortals. Some seem to have this running conversation going on with the Holy Spirit, who always seems to give the next piece of revelation to them just in time to fit their broadcast schedules, and always it seems to relate to something in the current news. In their world it seems that the Holy Spirit is entirely focused on current affairs.

It is fear of the unknown that some of these endtime preachers capitalize on. They tell you they have the source of information you require for survival. They prey on man’s desire to know the future. Pretty soon you have one man, and his teachings, leading many followers down his particular path of political and survival ethics. These groups are fueled by paranoia, not faith in the Lord.

They use current affairs to project future events. Sensationalism is always added to the mix of today’s headlines, and the result is a potent brew of fear. During last year’s Gulf Oil Spill crisis, there were the following headlines on a prominent watchman’s website:……”Gulf Spill Syndrome – The New Plague!” ……..”Prepare to see the Poisoning of the Water!……Gulf Oil Spill is God’s judgment!……Their broadcasts were trumpeting the danger of the “huge methane gas bubble” that they claimed the Holy Spirit told them had formed under the surface and was liable to explode at any moment and take out much of the Gulf shoreline. I think what we know now indicates that it was probably human error that caused the Gulf spill, but of course they turn everything that happens into an example of God’s judgment on America. They use whatever crisis is in the news at the time to stir up the fear. Of course, when that crisis eases, they simply move on to the next one. They piggyback on the news of the day to show how fearful we should all be. They call it “righteous fear of the Lord“.  The watchman at this website proudly declares he is a fear-monger, and says it is doing God’s work to spread the fear, but is this true?

Many of the events happening around the world clearly point to the Second Coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. We are told about this in Matthew 24. Of course as Christians we need to be aware of these events. It is not a matter of putting our heads in the sand and being blissfully unaware, but it is a matter of responding to crisis in the way the Lord taught us. Looking carefully at the Bible, we see that the Lord is very much against fear-mongering. When the great storm came when Jesus and the apostles were on the Sea of Galilee, Jesus first dealt with the issue of fear:  (Matt. 14:27)  But straightway Jesus spake unto them, saying, Be of good cheer; it is I; be not afraid.  Then Peter walked upon the water to meet Jesus on faith, but sank when the fear of the reality of the situation overcame him. Jesus strongly rebuked him for his fear and doubt. The fear of the reality of today’s troubles is what will cause us to sink, when that fear becomes stronger than our faith in Jesus to overcome all danger. 

The fears we have of coming events can only be overcome through placing all of our trust in the Lord Jesus Christ. Nothing is too great for the Lord to help us through. No amount of listening to watchmen proclaim the doom can give us peace. They put stumbling blocks in our path so that we do not fully trust in who He is. We know from Scripture that worse economic times are on the way, with global wars, earthquakes, etc. All these things increase in intensity as the coming of our Lord nears. This does not mean that the Lord does not care about these things that we have to endure, but it is with grace and faith that we must endure. We will endure with a living hope in Jesus Christ that regardless of what we have to go through He will see us to the shore safely.

Giving ourselves over to the spirit of fear means we do not trust that the Lord is enough to see us through. People who proclaim that fear should be in our hearts are conditioning all of us to doubt God’s sovereignty. Rather than holding our heads and becoming paralyzed in fear and hopeless in despair, we should feel an urgent call to cheerfully fulfill our assignment to go and spread the good news of the gospel everywhere, as we await the glorious return of the Savior of mankind. Why should we bow to fear as our master? Why should we put our time and resources in something that has no reward, here or in heaven, like these doom and gloom ministries?

Revelation 21:8
 “But the fearful, and unbelieving, and abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death.”

Here we see from the Bible how harmful it is to live our lives in fear. The fearful will be cast into the lake of fire. That’s how serious it is, for us to say “God is not enough. I need to listen to these people, they will tell me what to do.”  God is in control, and He is more than enough, without the fearsome words of men. The type of fear of the Lord that the Bible talks about is a reverent humility before our Maker and Redeemer.  Prov. 1:7 – “the fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge”;……..This is not the same thing as fearing that God is causing an oil spill, or destroying our economy. That is twisting Scripture to meet the needs of the prophet.

Matthew 10:28
 And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.

Hebrews 13:6
So that we may boldly say, The Lord is my helper, and I will not fear what man shall do unto me.

We must not be afraid to die for our faith. Do not fear the NWO, and the orchestrated world economic crisis, these are the works of men. Do not believe the lie that everything that happens is because God’s hand of judgment is on the land. We reap the crop that we have sowed. Much that is unfolding is the result of not sowing righteously. And how should we respond? Turning away from God’s protection and heeding the words of man is the worst response we can give.  Christ’s teaching about events in the last days in Matthew 24, Mark 13, and Luke 2 is about hope, redemption, and victory. Does this sound like the message we are hearing from these internet ministers?

 1 John 4:18

There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear: because fear hath torment. He that feareth is not made perfect in love.

Isaiah 12:2

Behold, God is my salvation, I will trust, and not be afraid; for the Lord Jehovah is my strength and my song; he also is become my salvation.


May God bless and keep you……………………………JD Ellis


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36 Responses to The endtime cult of Fear

  1. Harold W Pickens says:

    Thank you for helping me back on the path. God Bless You.

  2. Andrew Mealey says:

    JD Ellis
    I agree. If these men and women were true prophets of God, sent by God, with only God’s words on their lips, then we should listen to them–but their words show that most or all of them are not. We need to rest in God and believe that He will lovingly shepherd His people. We know His voice and when He speaks, His words are powerful to fulfill His purpose.

  3. Aundra Thomas says:

    Psalm 55:4-5, David was afraid and shaken up by his enemies, but he ended up snapping out of it and put his trust in GOD. Its a natural instinct sometimes for us to fall into fear, but we shouldnt stay there. The man asked JESUS, to help him with his unbelief. We cant help it, that we have two natures in us, but we should always strive to walk in the spirit.

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  5. Steve says:

    Very true ! Thank you . However i attend a very large church and the lack of insight as far as the lateness of the hour and the general complacency is mind boggling . people seem to have no idea or willingness to know what is going on beside what the so called mainstream media dishes out . I believe the Lord would have his people to be watchful and aware and to look for the signs of his coming , as well as what is coming .
    Proverbs 22:3 A prudent man sees danger and takes refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it. A balance between watching and trusting and moderate preparations are needed based upon what the lord puts on your own heart.

  6. donna says:

    I agree with Steve…the church seems to not have a clue…and things are happening around the world like I;ve never heard or seen before! All the more reason to draw close to the Lord in fear, faith and trust!

  7. steve says:

    I also believe the Lord did provide his people with watchmen and maybe he still does but his word pretty much spells it out and if we seek him and read his word we will not become complacent or swing to the other side of the pendulum and become fearful at the ramblings of Rick Wiles and co.

  8. Amen to that. God has a complete plan for us from beginning to end. He left us the Holy Spirit and His Scripture to be our guides, as we await the Second Coming. The books of Revelation and Matthew, and other sections of the Word deal specifically with these confusing endtimes so that we may stay on the path.

    I am a “soft cessationist” in my theological understanding. That is, while I have never encountered a true prophet or watchman of the Lord, I believe the door might still be open for one to appear among us today, but I think that person would certainly demonstrate power, might, and authority, so that his qualifications would be clearly recognized. Unfortunately, many among us claim the office of prophet or watchman, without the qualifications, authority, or God’s annointing for the job. You don’t just plug in a microphone to your computer and start delivering messages from the Lord. Today there are even “prophetic schools”, where anyone can pay a tuition fee and become a “spokesman” for God.

    But even this was foreseen by God, in Matt. 24:11 “…and many false prophets will arise and lead many astray.” Many will get taken in, because they do not know their Scripture. I think our response should be to sound the alarm when we see our brothers and sisters being led astray.

  9. Steve says:

    I find that when i do sound the alarm about some of the things going on in the church like the self proclaimed prophets and the huge movements like the emergent church and Rick warrens purpose driven apostasy and so on , I am attacked by those that follow these people . I am not a confrontational person by nature and am only warning out of concern . Apart of me just wants to be quite and walk away . I often wonder what our lord would say and do . I am pretty sure i know what Paul would do. I see such a strong move towards an ecumenical church in the future . I guess that comes from the fullfulment of 2 timothy 4:3.
    Sorry if this was a bit off topic

  10. Your reference to 2 Timothy 4:3 is exactly what is going on. People for the most part just don’t want to hear the truth. This is how the megachurches get so big in the first place, by feeding the passions of the people, and tickling their ears. 2Thes.2:10-11 ….for those who are perishing, because they refused to love the truth and so be saved. . Therefore God sends them a strong delusion, so that they may believe what is false.” Sadly, many people accept as their truth the opinions of men, rather than simply turning to the truth of God’s word. It is so harmful what these people are preaching, because people actually do perish from listening to this.

    As brothers in Christ, we naturally want to do something to point out the error. I find myself under attack frequently, for nothing more than holding up Scripture. But all we can do is bring the Word to those in need of hearing it. Some will listen, but most won’t. It’s not possible for us to actually turn someone’s mind away from these doctrines. That’s the work of the Holy Spirit to bring conviction to those who have a heart to see the error of their ways. I usually just move on if my words are not being received. Luke 9:5 And wherever they do not receive you, when you leave that town shake off the dust from your feet as a testimony against them.

    Paul endured much suffering, but did it cheerfully because he always kept in mind how little was his sacrifice compared to the Redeeming work of the Lord. I try to emulate that attitude, keeping in mind that even when I’m attacked and ridiculed, its such a small price to pay compared to what He has done, and the glorious future He has in store for us.
    May God bless you
    JD Ellis

  11. Keith Bruner says:

    Some good stuff here.

    I have been accused of preaching doom and gloom. But those accusations are wrong. To the world and to those whose faith is in the wrong things, like gold and government than my words are doom and gloom. We have the Word of God and He tells us certain things are going to happen, They are not nice things, but they herald the end of the ongoing evil and horror and the imminent return of Jesus and His Kingdom. And I for one am looking for that return. These numbers we read, how many abortions since Roe, the hordes of orphaned children in the world, stories of rape and murder and starvation and torture and so on. I ache for an end to this stuff. I have been watching television lately, after a 20 year hiatus. Some of what I have seen in prime time makes me want to puke.

    The gospel is not good news if you believe that supporting you government in its practise of torture is a good thing.

    The gospel is not good news if you believe letting “those people” wallow in their filth and hunger is a good thing.

    The gospel is not good news if you believe killing unborn babies is a good thing.

    The gospel is not good news if you do not believe God cares enough to put a stop to all the evil.

    I think their are many agendas on the airwaves that are personal and political and greed driven and believers need to learn discernment and start recognizing those they need to support and those they don’t need to support but I also believe God can use each and every one.

    My step-daughter is more open to hearing about Jesus because she listens to agenda driven fear mongering Alex Jones. The Holy Spirit uses some of the stuff Jones comes out with to make her aware of Jesus. Praise God!

    Come quickly Lord Jesus.

  12. Some great comments, thanks. Certainly we know that the news is not good in many ways, but the difference for me is how the messenger identifies himself and his message. When we have a news journalist like Alex Jones tell us of the horrific events coming our way, we read it like any other news story, as a piece of journalism by a reporter with an agenda. We can then choose to believe all, or some, or none of the story.

    But when someone comes forward with a public broadcast for thousands to hear and announces that his story is coming directly from the Holy Spirit, which is what the internet watchmen and modern day prophets do, then as far as I am concerned, this is pure evil, because many in the body of Christ then feel compelled to believe it, or risk demonstrating weak faith. It is a form of spiritual extortion. Our brothers and sisters are set adrift in a sea of fear and doubt, and think they have to keep supporting and connecting with the false prophets to hear the latest revelations, and thus avoid perishing.

    Actually the opposite is the truth, that is, that we should disconnect ourselves from the false words of men and get back to the Bible, which has all the truth we need. All of the apocalyptic events to come are spelled out in God’s word. What we don’t know is the timing. This was God’s plan from the beginning, that we know of these events, but leave the timing to Him. These watchmen insist they have been given the timelines directly from God, but it is nothing but self-serving delusion. If God wants me to take my family and flee from the country, He is going to find a way to reveal this to me, He won’t tell an internet prophet to pass the word on to me.

    There are literally dozens of passages in the Bible about how serious an offense it is to put words in God’s mouth, but the clearest is probably the third commandment itself, “thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain.” I am open to the possibility that some day a real prophet will arise among us and speak God’s truth, but I haven’t seen any signs of such a person yet.
    God bless you,
    JD Ellis

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