The Catholic Church and the Socialist Agenda

As a former Catholic, I am appalled at what I am learning in my examination of the history of the Roman church over the past centuries. It is becoming clearer to me why so many of the theologians who came out of the Protestant Reformation believed that the antichrist spoken of in the book of Revelation is actually the Papacy itself.

Not only is there a long history of persecution of Christians, including burning “heretics” at the stake, the Inquisition, and countless atrocities over the centuries, but even today the Vatican itself continues to attack biblical principles in a manner that is truly frightening.

Please take the time to listen to this Youtube, and I am certain you will be as shocked as I was. William Mencarow and Richard Bennett are very credible, down-to-earth Christians, and both are former Catholics. William is a current Reformation Church pastor, while Richard is a former Catholic priest. They are not conspiracy theorists, modern-day prophets, or anything of the kind. They are conservative Reformed theologians from whom I have benefitted greatly in my understanding of church history as it relates to biblical truth.

In this video, you will see in the words of the Vatican itself, how the agenda of the Catholic Church is to move all nations toward becoming socialist states which would make Marx and Lenin proud.


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24 Responses to The Catholic Church and the Socialist Agenda

  1. sandy says:

    That’s what you say YOU DO……..point out error and false-teaching. WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE? Only that you seem to pick on the wrong ones; whereas Mr. Horn doesn’t. Why is it SO hard for you to wrap your mind around? DUH! I think you are stuck on stupid on purpose. What is so hard for you to GET. MR. HORN EXPOSES FALSE TEACHING—— HELLO; BIFF? ISN’T THAT WHAT YOU CLAIM YOU ARE DOING. THIS IS RIDICULOUS. YOU ARE PLAYING A GAME. YOUR CREDIBILITY IS SHOT AND YOU KNOW IT. DON’T QUIT YOUR DAY JOB. I don’t mind exchanges until the get STUPID. That’s where you’ve taken it because you KNOW you don’t have a leg to stand on . This is going NOWHERE, I’m done. Get someone else to play with you.

  2. You are changing positions back and forth so much its making me dizzy. Now in an incredible about face, you claim these are FALSE TEACHERS that Tom Horn is exposing?

    This is how I described Father Guiseppe, the only source of Mr. Horn that we have specifically discussed:

    And where is this so-called “information” coming from? A Vatican astronomer named Father Giuseppe! What a great source of information!! And we’re supposed to choose him as our source of truth over the bible?

    So here I am basically saying Father Guiseppe, one of Tom Horn’s key Vatican insider sources on which his research is based, is not a credible source.

    And that comment got this immediate response from you:

    Why do you leave out that it says this under the quote:
    –Vatican Astronomer, Eminent Theologian and Full Professor of FUNDAMENTAL THEOLOGY at the Pontificia University della Santa Croce, [opus dei] –Father Guiseppe Tanzella–Nitti-
    So you can see, he has quite a resume and is NOT just an astronomer. You “conveniently” leave these things out and would have your readers being mislead about Mr. Horn.

    Wouldn’t you call that defending him, and rebutting my portrayal of him as not being credible ??…pointing out that he has much more of a resume (i.e., is more credible) than just an astronomer as I had called him?

    But now, in reference to Father Guiseppe’s statement promoted on Horn’s website saying the Gospel will have to be re-read in light of new extraterrestrial information, you say this:

    Do I think that (ed. note – F. Guiseppe’s) statement is true? Of course not. Does Mr. Horn ? No.

    How quicly you change directions! Now, instead of exhalting him as a learned scholar with great credibility, divulging crucial, expert witness of Vatican wrong-doing for Tom Horn’s research, you do an about face and claim he is not to be believed, and that your guy Tom Horn is exposing him and the other sources as “false teachers”.

    Which is it Sandy? Is Father Guiseppe a learned scholar who should be considered a credible source for Tom Horn to base his research, or a false teacher that Tom Horn is doing us such a favor by exposing for his falsehood?

    You want to take both sides of every issue, so then you can just jump back on the other side in rebuttal to whatever is said, in your vain attempts to make those with whom you are discussing things look stupid.

    On the one hand, you have taken the position that the Vatican insider sources are credible and the Vatican is actually doing or at least planning to do the sinister things they tell Mr. Horn they are planning or doing. (or else why would anyone even consider reading Horn’s website or buying his book if this is not true information that we need to be informed about and on the alert for?)

    On the other hand, in a flash, you jump ship and say that neither you nor Mr. Horn believe his sources are telling the truth about the sinister Vatican plots that will force re-reading of the Gospel by all Christians, and you jump over to the position that Horn is exposing false teachers! (In fact you have taken both positions in the SAME COMMENT!) But if you consider the sources to be false teachers, why did you jump to correct my description of Father Guiseppe to make him sound more credible?

    And the other side of the coin, if the plots they speak about to Mr. Horn are actual true plots that are being implemented by the Vatican, then how does that jive with your claim that they are false teachers that Horn is exposing? How can you have it both ways – that they are credible scholars giving Tom Horn an earth-shattering scoop that will expose the Vatican, at the same time they are false teachers like the ones I expose? It seems to me if you and Tom Horn are describing the sources for his research as “false teachers”, then the Vatican doesn’t have to worry too much about Tom Horn’s book when it comes out, do they?

    Add all of this to the fact that I have already proven what Father Guiseppe told Mr.Horn is a lie, because it would contradict the Gospel if true, (i.e. it is an unbiblical statement, and as such, HAS to be a lie unless you don’t believe the Bible) and all Horn’s story has left to it is a mishmash of lies, and pseudo “insider” gossip. In fact this all reminds me of Rick Wiles of Trunews and the tall tales he tells about his super-secret government informants who leak “top-level information” to him for broadcast on his show. Sandy, can you spell d-i-s-i-m-f-o-r-m-a-t-i-o-n?

    Also, your comparison to what I do to expose false teachers doesn’t make sense. To be a false teacher you have to have an audience. The people I write about are influencing their large Christian audiences with their false teachings through blogs, forums, and internet broadcasts. A “secret Vatican source” can’t be a false prophet because there is no audience. Someone like Father Guiseppe is not a false prophet if he tells lies in a private conversation to Tom Horn. But he would be a false prophet if he opened up a website for his false teachings, or started a radio broadcast. You cannot be a false teacher unless you are teaching people.

    Also, when discernment sites expose false teachers, they don’t use the theories or belief system of the false teachers they expose as a real source of research material to delve into topics they are writing about! That would be like me asking Rick Wiles to reveal to me secrets of how interent false prophets appear to be biblical to their audiences, for my research on false prophecy!

    Where does Tom Horn come out clearly and declare his sources to be giving him unbiblical information? I don’t think you’ll find that anywhere on any of his websites. That’s odd, because any Christian writer truly trying to expose falsehood being taught to the church would immediately call out any herectical info he received and clearly label it as false. Instead, Tom Horn uses the falsehood as premises and foundational truth for the books he writes.

    Tell you what. I’ll agree that the Vatican insider sources are false teachers and that Tom Horn exposes false teaching the minute the sources come public with their teachings about the Gospel having to be re-read in light of the “new extraterrestrial information.” Then I will give you and Tom Horn full credit for discovering them and exposing them as false teachers, providing of course Tom Horn comes out and makes it clear that all the information he got from the Vatican and Jesuit sources, which he puts in his books, is false.

    The bottom line is the Vatican doesn’t have to worry about what Father Guiseppe or any other Vatican or Jesuit “whistleblower” tells Mr. Horn. It is inconsequential what he or any other so-called “Vatican insider” says. For Tom Horn to write books about what “Vatican insiders” tell him in private conversations is ridiculous and trivial. And you minimize and downplay the TRUE things brought out in the video which I posted.

    I can assure you that the Vatican will be more worried about having a closer look at their openly stated agendas on their website because of the video and others like it on Youtube, than they will be worried about defending themselves when Tom Horn’s book comes out.

    I have bent over backwards letting you monopolize the comment section, trying to be as fair as possible, posting numerous comments in their entirety (and at times their crudity), but it has come to an end. If you want to copy and paste our conversations, or take screen shots, to “prove” that I have blown my credibility, please do so in the next couple of days. I need to clear the comment section for new comments from people who want to discuss the verifiable material presented in the video and who are not interested in guessing games about whether completely unknown Vatican and Jesuit insider sources are telling Tom Horn the truth or not.

    JD Ellis

  3. bchaplin88 says:

    You’ve definitely got Biblical grounds to reject the heretick, JD.

    I’m not very clever, but to me the reason this Vatican 2 ET contact is nonsense because God doesn’t warn of it.

    If there were indeed other worlds that were to come in contact with us, I have 100% assurance that God would have told us so as to avoid the faith of many being overthrown.

    But, of course, the Vatican doesn’t believe in the absolute authority of the Word of God or His sovereignty, so it is free to venture into lala land.

  4. Dave Robbins says:

    Dave Robbins Says,
    Hello JD
    Have you seen this? Breaking news on Feb 12 2013
    Here’s the link:

  5. Thanks Dave. I still don’t see anything about this reason for his resignation on any news sites of the “mainstream media”. Just very dubious sites such as the notorious “Sorcha Faal” web of disinformation sites.

    When the new Pope comes in, wouldn’t he and the Vatican be basically facing the same situation in terms of potential legal seizure of assets and arrest?

    Very dubious that any jurisdiction in the world would be powerful enough to actually seize Vatican assets and bank accounts.

    Now watch “Sandy” jump in here and start ranting about how I defend the Vatican!!!! No, Sandy, I don’t defend the Vatican. My site is to oppose falsehood. But I like to oppose falsehood with truth, not more falsehood.

    We’ll see how this unfolds. Again, my feeling is this story reeks of disinformation. Also, try to picture what country or government would want to take the lead role on this case and try to arrest a sitting Pope.

    As a side issue, I’m just watching now how Tom Horn uses the Pope’s resignation to fuel sales of his “Petrus Romanus” book, which says that the pope after Benedict XVI in particular, not the papacy itself, is the antichrist. All the advertising execs on Madison Avenue itself couldn’t come up with better timing or a better sales pitch than this.

    I’ve always thought it didn’t make much sense for one particular future pope to be the antichrist. What about the numerous popes who presided over the torture and burning at the stake of literally hundreds of thousands (and the true number could be in the millions) of Christian martyrs during the Middle Ages?

    EDIT. NOTE: I stand corrected on this. Horn’s book says the next pope will be the final pope, and will be the one who “paves the path” for the antichrist, and is not himself the antichrist.


  6. This is what people like Sandy will never get. They think they are opposing the Vatican by popularizing and spreading the stories of Vatican E.T. contact, when they are playing right into the hand of the spirit of antichrist by undermining the authority of Scripture.

    I look at Tom Horn’s websites like exovaticana, and I see quotes from his sources that are clearly unbiblical. (the future need of “rereading the Gospel in light of the new extraterrestrial information”, for example). And I look all over the site for Mr. Horn to declare it to be false, and I don’t see him renounce it. Can anyone show me where he renounces the information Father Guiseppe gave him, for example? If its there, I wish Sandy would have just pointed it out, because I don’t see it. I see Horn using the info as foundational truth for his books.

    What could play more into the hands of Satan than the unbiblical story that a “higher truth” which will transcend the bible in authority will be coming our way in future from an extraterrestrial source? And people can’t see how evil it is to spread this heresy to others in the church?


  7. Dave Robbins says:

    Hello JD,
    Here’s the link for you to see about the Pope’s resignation
    The site is
    I read the blog from Dr Cathy Burns on Tom Horn.Thank you Cathy Burns

  8. The i.t.c.c.s. is one of several organizations that want to have the Pope arrested and tried. To declare you want it is far removed from showing that it was clearly the reason the Pope resigned, I think, or even that it was a real possibility to happen.

    People have the bad habit of weakening their own arguments, which may have some surface validity at first, by going down the pathway of gross exaggeration.

    I just checked out their website, and it appears to have many speculations and exaggerations that are stated as established fact. The lead story today, for example, is about genocide having taken place in Canada. I have lived in Canada all of my life, and I’m just not in agreement that there has been any genocide in my country. Was there a serious problem with some of the residential schools in Canada? Absolutely.

    The story is about the Canadian government coming out and admitting there were serious problems. How does the ITCCC greet this news? By saying:

    Like the Vatican, the Canadian government must feel especially desperate to risk announcing such a proven lie and exposing such an obvious coverup.

    So our government, even by doing the right thing, is damned by the ITCCS. How can you win against zealots like this?

    Next, they will want to arrest our Prime Minister, and put him before a “kangaroo court”. Who knows what’s next? Will you and I face a self-professed “international tribunal” one day, for hate speech through involvement in this blog? Zealots, even when their intentions seem good, are just fascists wearing a disguise. Once we let people like these nuts decide who runs the world, THEY will run the world.

    If you think I’m exaggerating, read this part of the closing paragrapgh in the ITCCS article:

    This latest act of official deception will figure as more evidence of deliberate cover-up in the docket of our upcoming Common Law Court case against Canada and its Catholic and Protestant churches. In the months ahead, it won’t just be former Popes who go to trial for conspiracy and child murder

    To me, that is a sobering and chilling statement to make publicly. They are announcing their intention is to attack our government and our churches. How satanic is that?

    May God bless you Dave,
    JD Ellis

  9. It appears this ITCCS story gets much worse the more one looks into it. This so-called organization, called the “International Tribunal for Crimes of Church and State” is run by Kevin Annett, who it appears doesn’t even have credibility with the First Nations (aboriginal) people in Canada on whose behalf he claims to be fighting for justice.

    He apparently faked the discovery of bones he claimed were those of First Nation child victims of the so-called “Canadian holocaust”.

    These are some links to stories about Kevin Annett which I believe are credible. Some of these links were actually posted on the APTN website. APTN is the national aboriginal television network, and is considered an official voice of the Canadian aboriginal people

    This is one seriously crazed man and he should be forced to take powerful medications. His organization is nothing but a tiny patch of land somewhere in Europe that he calls the “Eurostaete” to confuse people and make them think it is aligned somehow with the European Union. He tries to get credibility by claiming he forced the Pope to resign.

    He is trying to put the Prime Minister of Canada, the Queen of England, and Pope Benedict in jail for 25 years, and at the same time is trying to “dis-establish” (meaning: eradicate) all the Presbyterian, Methodist, Anglican, and Catholic churches in Canada, steal their assets, and redistribute the wealth. He’s definetely got my attention. This is one unbalanced individual.

    All his grandiose delusions about having the power to bring down the Pope are about to come crashing down, as the last remnants of his credibility vaporize. The world will be a better place without the ITCCS.

    JD Ellis

  10. “Gibborim” is not “giant.”

    If you do some research, you’ll find gibborim ( (גּבּר ,גּבּור ) was used “in excess of 150 times” in the Old Testament and “applied to men as well as lions (Book of Proverbs 30:30), hunters (Genesis 10:9), soldiers (Book of Jeremiah 51:30) and leaders (Book of Daniel 11:3).”

    Most of your comment can be rebutted scripturally, but

    “Answer not a fool according to his folly, lest thou also be like unto him.”
    –Proverbs 26:4

  11. I have tried to steer Sandy to scripture numerous times in the past months, but she exalts the words of men, and is blind to what the Word says. I have given up, and put her on spam block.

    2 Thess. 2 10-11

    and with all wicked deception for those who are perishing, because they refused to love the truth and so be saved. 11 Therefore God sends them a strong delusion, so that they may believe what is false

    These are the”flagship” verses of this blog, because I encounter this spirit so often.

    JD Ellis

  12. JD,

    Yes, you are long-suffering with Sandy.

    And delusion IS everywhere.

    Keep up the good work: it is well-researched and always in the right direction.

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