The Catholic Church and the Socialist Agenda

As a former Catholic, I am appalled at what I am learning in my examination of the history of the Roman church over the past centuries. It is becoming clearer to me why so many of the theologians who came out of the Protestant Reformation believed that the antichrist spoken of in the book of Revelation is actually the Papacy itself.

Not only is there a long history of persecution of Christians, including burning “heretics” at the stake, the Inquisition, and countless atrocities over the centuries, but even today the Vatican itself continues to attack biblical principles in a manner that is truly frightening.

Please take the time to listen to this Youtube, and I am certain you will be as shocked as I was. William Mencarow and Richard Bennett are very credible, down-to-earth Christians, and both are former Catholics. William is a current Reformation Church pastor, while Richard is a former Catholic priest. They are not conspiracy theorists, modern-day prophets, or anything of the kind. They are conservative Reformed theologians from whom I have benefitted greatly in my understanding of church history as it relates to biblical truth.

In this video, you will see in the words of the Vatican itself, how the agenda of the Catholic Church is to move all nations toward becoming socialist states which would make Marx and Lenin proud.


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24 Responses to The Catholic Church and the Socialist Agenda

  1. sandy says:

    If you’re appalled at this, you haven’t done much homework. This is mild! You ought to devote more time researching these snakes, if you just HAVE to expose heresy. This is the mother-load. Check out “Exo-Vaticana”!

  2. You again, Sandy?
    So I haven’t done my home work, because I am appalled at the Vatican’s open endorsement of the socialist state? You just seem to want so badly to dictate what and who I should write about, and who I should give a free pass to. Have you thought about writing your own blog?

    I checked out your reference to “exo vaticana”, and guess who is behind that information? Tom Horn, who has zero credibility with me. He wrote a complete fiction of a book called “Apollyon Rising 2012” that demonstrated his lack of scriptural knowledge and discernment. He hangs with the likes of Steve Quayle, and regularly does the rounds of the internet talk shows of people like Rick Wiles, Hagmann and Hagmann, etc.

    See Cathy Burns’ critique, with clear scriptural references and biblical support detailing the numerous errors of all kinds contained in Tom Horn’s book.

    The video I posted refers to documents issued on the Vatican’s own website. I think that is a good place to look for real information about what the Catholic Church is doing, wouldn’t you agree? I can confirm the information I am posting. Can Tom Horn?

    Once again, you show your clear preference for the works of men over God’s truth contained in the Bible.

    JD Ellis

  3. sandy says:

    I read C. Burns’ critique a couple of months ago and sent her an email defending some of Horn’s claims. For instance, Horn says that Nimrod was Nephilim. She jumped ALL over this and said that it wasn’t scriptural.
    The Bible says that Nimrod “began to be a mighty hunter”. If you do a little research, you’ll find that the word for “mighty hunter” is “gibborim”; which is a GIANT. This is just one “for instance”.
    To me, it sounds almost like you are defending the Vatican more than the truth. You’re the one who wrote this blog, “appalled” by the Catholic Church. Now you’re backing off to attack Tom Horn, who is exposing things that believers need to be aware of.
    His book “Exo-Vatican” is coming out in April. But on his website, in the meantime, he has a series going, in which he talks about the interviews and gives quotes from these Jesuit theologians and astronomers, THEMSELVES, and what THEY are saying. How do you refute that? He went to the observatory at Mt. Graham and spoke PERSONALLY with these people. THEY gave him documentation of their work. He and Cris Putnam have dug through dusty, library basements all over the world, digging for truth. They found a document for some info in “Petrus Romanus” that was thought to be destroyed in a fire 300 years ago! What have you done? Read Cathy Burns’ half – baked blog?
    I was not saying that it is nothing that the Vatican endorses the socialist agenda. I was only saying that it is ONLY the tip of the iceberg. There are much more sinister workings that are satanic, to the point of human sacrifice and occult rituals.
    As far as Steve Quayle – have you ever heard him pray? My guess is no. Have you ever heard his testimony? He acknowledges that he is a work in progress. He has a very humble spirit, which is more than I can say for you. Are they perfect? NO, who is? But they both are very aware that their help comes from the Lord.
    Not all dreams and visions are from God. I do not put all my faith in them. The Bible says: prophecy AND LET THE OTHERS JUDGE. If you are grounded in the Word, you should be able to tell what is truth. You seem to think if someone gives a prophecy or tells of a dream or vision; if it doesn’t happen within YOUR time frame…they are false prophets. The prophecies of the coming of Jesus the first time did not happen for about 700 years. If you were alive back in that day you would probably have had ALL the OT Prophets on your “false prophet list”.

  4. Sandy:
    The following was written in huge letters across the screen when I visited Tom Horn’s “exo Vaticana” website:

    Christians will not immediately need to renounce their faith in God “simply on
    the basis of the reception of [this] new, unexpected information of a religious
    character from extraterrestrial civilizations.” However, once the “religious
    content” originating from outside the earth “has been verified” they will have
    to conduct “a re-reading [of the Gospel] inclusive of the new data…”

    And how many centuries would you suggest we in the church wait for fulfillment before declaring this to be a false teaching? The biggest deception of all the false prophet defenders is that old, stale excuse that not enough time was given for the fulfillment. No matter how badly a “prophecy” fails, the defender just claims it needs more time to unfold. This is used as a “get out of jail free” card, and a license for the false prophet to keep on issuing false revelation.

    The bible is clearly God’s truth revealed for all time to his saints. If you actually believe the gospel will have to be “re-read” in light of the new data that will be released, than you are denying the authority of scripture. You are saying that today, scripture is lacking, because future events will prove it to have been an inadequate document in our current reading and understanding of it.

    Can God not foresee the future? Wouldn’t God have ensured his word was completely valid for all of time? And where is this so-called “information” coming from? A Vatican astronomer named Father Giuseppe! What a great source of information!! And we’re supposed to choose him as our source of truth over the bible?

    Really, Sandy, come back to planet earth for once. The crazier these people get, the more you hold them up as pillars of Christian truth.


  5. sandy says:

    Now I know you are out to deceive. Yes; that quote is at the top of the page. But you fail to mention that it is a quote from someone else; NOT TOM HORN, but you would lead people to think it was from him. You are a snake, yourself.
    Why do you leave out that it says this under the quote:
    –Vatican Astronomer, Eminent Theologian and Full Professor of FUNDAMENTAL THEOLOGY at the Pontificia University della Santa Croce, [opus dei] –Father Guiseppe Tanzella–Nitti-
    So you can see, he has quite a resume’ and is NOT just an astronomer. You “conveniently” leave these things out and would have your readers being mislead about Mr. Horn.
    What is your problem anyway. YOUR blog is about YOUR ‘being appalled” about the things YOU were finding out about Catholicism and the Vatican – right??????? I leave my first comment to point out even MORE sinister heresies than you mention in your post, and you suddenly focus your venom on Tom Horn, who is exposing the Vatican and things that they are up to and suddenly you start defending the ones that your blog was about!!!!!!!!!!! Who are you anyway? Obviously, And I hope your readers can see this, YOU ARE NOT ABOUT EXPOSING ERROR. If you were, you would be outraged. I see who you are, now! I have had my doubts about you in the past, but now you have revealed yourself. We all see you now. You probably will not post this comment. You are PURPOSELY misleading people. That is ABUNDANTLY clear! May God have mercy on your soul.

  6. Sandy, you are the one trying to deceive.

    I made it perfectly clear that the quote I gave was from a Vatican astronomer, and not Horn himself, as you wrongly state. And who cares if this Vatican person has credits next to his name from Vatican institutions? Isn’t it enough to know that he is representing the Vatican? At the same time you are accepting Horn’s theories as absolute truth, you accept without question the sources of his information. These sources, by Horn’s own admission on his website, are people are either employed by the Vatican itself or are Jesuit priests!!!! How can he expect anyone to accept these sources to be reliable and truthful when disclosing to him secrets about what the Catholic Church is doing?

    Of course, the Vatican is going to tell Tom Horn or anyone else who will listen, that in future the Gospel will have to be reinterpreted (oh, excuse me, Sandy, “re-read in light of the new data” was the actual quote, pardon me for being so deceitful!). That is the goal of the antichrist – to weaken our faith in the only real source of God’s truth that we have today, God’s scripture.

    Just stop typing on your keyboard to send me a rebuttal, and think for a minute. If we want to know the real agenda of the Vatican, should we go to Vatican sources or Jesuit priests to tell us like you and Tom Horn do? Or maybe, just maybe, we should listen to Protestant reformed theologians like I do, because these people are scholars who have studied not only the bible but also the history of the church, and the history of the Vatican persecutions and executions of the Christian martyrs over the centuries.

    And in the end, the only infallible source is not man, but scripture itself. It is truly amazing the lack of discernment in the church today. It is people like you Sandy, that convince me to continue exposing falsehood in the church wherever I find it.

    JD Ellis

  7. sandy says:

    Was there something in my last comment.. you don’t anyone to read? You can’t blame me. YOU EXPOSED YOURSELF! I’ve had several UN-BIASED people.. read the above exchange you and I had, and asked them their opinion. Guess what…. unanimously;… you dug a ditch..and fell in it!

    Now that you ARE exposed for what you TRULY are…. you need to be a man(woman) and withdraw your poison; with an apology to these people. Do I expect that you WILL do that? No! Just go away. Any credibility you may have had IS GONE.

    Saul did the same thing you are doing…til he had an encounter with Jesus. After that, Saul became “Paul the Apostle”. Wrote about half the NT, and evangelized the world of his day. We have ALL done things we’re not proud of, but the grace and mercy of God can reach us…wherever we are. But we HAVE to turn away from the things we are doing. Do you think you won’t be held accountable?

    Not for my sake. Not for the sake of the people you have attacked; but for YOUR OWN sake…. make this right. Jesus said the ‘gates of hell’ would not prevail. Do you think you will? I cannot judge your heart; God will do that. But we are told : “…by their fruit you will know them”.

    “Physician HEAL THYSELF”!

  8. Don’t try to change the topic, and hope that nobody notices. The issue here is that you have made it abundantly clear through your comments that you stand by the assertion made by the Vatican source that Tom Horn uses for his information, which claims the following:

    Christians will not immediately need to renounce their faith in God “simply on
    the basis of the reception of [this] new, unexpected information of a religious
    character from extraterrestrial civilizations.” However, once the “religious
    content” originating from outside the earth “has been verified” they will have
    to conduct “a re-reading [of the Gospel] inclusive of the new data…”

    – Vatican Astronomer, Eminent Theologian and Full Professor of Fundamental Theology at the Pontificia Università della Santa Croce in Rome [Connected With Opus Dei], Father Giuseppe Tanzella-Nitti

    If you can’t see anything wrong with this, there is no point even visiting discernment blogs like this. To anyone with any true Christian biblical discernment, this would raise a huge red flag, for clearly denying that the Bible is now, and for all time, the unchangeable, complete, and all inclusive word from God to us, being full and lacking nothing to our salvation.

    No matter how much you insist I have “exposed myself”, it will remain true that you have shown yourself to be without even a scant shred of ability to discern biblical truth. You weak-willed ones who back down from supporting God’s word, and instead support and promote the words of men for spiritual guidance, are the ones to whom Jesus will say: “I never knew you; depart from me you workers of lawlessness.”

    Don’t post any more comments here.

    JD Ellis

  9. sandy says:

    You KNOW Mr. Horn is NOT condoning that statement. He is EXPOSING what they are saying and YOU KNOW IT. But you are INTENTIONALLY trying to deceive the people.

    You don’t have to worry about any more comments from me, SO FROM THE WAY IT LOOKS….YOU WON’T HAVE ANY!

  10. I never said he CONDONES it. This is yet another of your deceptions that can be clearly seen by anyone reading this comment section. I have simply been saying that he, and you, believe it to be true information, despite the fact that it would clearly contradict the bible and God himself, if true. That is why I say that he, and you, show dangerous lack of discernment when you proclaim this nonsense to be truth. I thought it was obvious and went without saying that you wouldn’t CONDONE it!!!! Who would condone something like that?

    If you don’t think something is true, you don’t put it in huge letters across the front page of your website, and write non-fiction books about it. Has he ever written any books labeled “fiction”? Is his website labeled in any way to indicate it contains fiction?

    Clearly you and Tom Horn believe that one day in future the Bible will be proven to have been insufficient for us in our current understanding, and will have to be “RE-READ” in light of “new information” from an extraterrestrial source. That is a sad statement about your, and Mr. Horn’s, strange brand of psuedo-Christian faith. How many of God’s children will be infected with this twisted perversion of God’s truth?

    Matt. 16:23 “Get behind me, Satan.”

  11. sandy says:

    Do I think that statement is true? Of course not. Does Mr. Horn ? No. Why does the Vatican think that ET may be morally superior to us? Why are they spending so much money looking for ET? Why are they at Mt. Graham, near “Devil’s Highway; old ROUTE 666? Is it just ‘by chance’ that the device they are using is called “Lucifer”? Why do they say that it could have been ET that created us?
    Either there are some “wackos” or satan is whispering lies in their ears. Are they expecting ET to show up? Obviously, yes. Is that possible? Yes….all kinds of lying signs and wonders. If they did show up, and said that ‘they’ created us and have returned to help us; would MANY be deceived? I would say yes…because people today DON”T know the Word of God and churches refuse to touch the UFO issue. People grounded in the Word see it for what it is. The demons of old, decked out in their space costumes. It’s appealing to our sci-fi society. They can transform themselves into ‘angels of light’; why not an alien grey?
    So let me get this straight. Having been to Mt. Graham, interveiwing the VATT staff, receiving documents from them, and personal statements as to what is going on……… Mr. Horn is supposed to sit on this info and NOT expose it???????????? Unless you are just playing dumb– I don’t know why you think Mr Horn is wrong in doing so. What would YOU do if you had that info? Or maybe you are part of it. Info like this is coming out of the woodwork, not just from Horn, but MANY. You try to divert attention away from this other stuff and point out that “YOU ARE APPALLED” by the “Socialist Agenda” of the Vatican? Playing ‘paddy-cake’ appalls you but never mind this other stuff. If you don’t “GET IT”; you are either playing stupid or you are part of it . There’s no other position to hold. You don’t come across as stupid; and I’m not calling you that.
    Tell me; what “true” Christian would NOT warn others about this? You claim you expose lies, WELL HERE’S A DOOSY; RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU and what do you do? Kill the messenger! Yes, that’s the thing to do. You want to select what is truth. If you wanted to expose deception, you would be helping Mr. Horn, not attacking him for exposing it. You are a cloud without rain.

  12. This is unreal! You now state you and Mr. Horn don’t think the information he is being told through the Vatican insider and Jesuit sources is true. Then later in the same comment, you ask why should Mr. Horn sit on this info and not expose it. And then you suggest I may be a part of a coverup.

    You just don’t make any sense. If Tom Horn feels the information is not true, then there is nothing to expose! You don’t need to go around writing down lies people tell, whether they are lies from the Vatican insiders, or whether they are lies from Mars. What is the reason to document lies of various people who nobody has ever heard of and have no following at all in the public eye? At least the video I posted was based on truth i.e. the agenda it spoke of can be found on the Vatican’s own website, so therefore it can be verified.

    I’ll try to make this as clear as possible because you continue to misrepresent my position. I am stating unequivically that what Mr. Horn is being told is impossible to be true, because if true, it would contradict the Holy Bible. Two facts known by all Christians are: ONE: we were created by God here on earth, and TWO: scripture will never be shown in future to be lacking, or need to be re-read in light of new information. Those are two givens that any true Christian believes. So two big premises of the people supplying Horn with info right there are blown away as lies. Why continue down this pathway of deception if two of the premises are known by all Christians to be impossible?

    Therefore, in my view, to make websites and write books containing this false information doesn’t edify anyone, it just serves to keep alive a vague feeling of uneasiness that this is something we all have to fear, because it may actually materialize, and we Christians will be forced to deal with it, and rethink the information contained in our Bibles.

    In my view, the Roman church represents the antichrist spoken of in Revelation. It fits all the imagery used in John’s visions of the beast. The Roman church burned people at the stake for translating the Bible into English. Their agenda is clearly to attack or at least weaken Scripture, because they know that Scripture is the main weapon we have to expose them as the antichrist. They even invented futurism, (made up by the Jesuit Ribera) which later morphed into dispensationalism in the nineteenth century, to make people think the antichrist comes in the future, so therefore cannot be the Roman church.

    Why play into their hand by repeating false information that the Gospel in future will have to be reinterpreted? This is fulfilling their agenda, to weaken our perception of the Bible being infallible. The more people who read this misinformation, the more the credibility of Scripture is weakened.


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