When Dreams Overtake Scripture In Authority : Neo-Pentecostalism and Its Dangerous Effects

This week I saw the lamentable new article posted by Nathan Leal of Watchmans Cry, called “Alert Warning Number 6 – A Prophetic Dream” dated March 8, 2013. http://watchmanscry.com/article_alert_6.html

It brings to the fore a very sad state of affairs in the church today. It marks out new territory in the rapid expansion and spread of apostasy, especially in online Christian ministries.

Vast numbers of Christians are rushing to accept this form of so-called “revelation from God” which is spreading like wildfire through Christian internet ministries and forums. It is nothing more than human dreams, elevated through false scriptural interpretation to be authoritative words from God.

Lets look at the newest “revelation” from the veteran self-styled  “watchman” of the internet, Nathan Leal. We will look at how the whole foundation for human dreams as revelation is erroneous at its very core, and expose the real reason why people like Leal do what they do. And as we shall see, their motive falls far short from being an altruistic desire for the upmost spiritual good in the lives of their followers. We shall also look at how the rise of neo-Pentecostalism since 1950 has severly damaged scriptural authority and put the focus in many ministries on human experience as the guiding light in their sense of spirituality.

In “Alert Warning Number 6” we hear something that sounds very familiar. It seems on February 19 of this year Nathan had a dream of the destruction of an American city. (Wasn’t it just mid-2011 when he released his dream about the destruction of Spokane? ) He goes on to tell of seeing missles in the air near Seattle, and then explosions, and provides maps pinpointing locations.

The first thing he makes clear is the following, written in bold letters near the beginning of the dream account: The Timing of The Following Dream Is Unknown. OK, so he has built in the traditional modern day prophet’s escape clause – if it doesn’t happen, nobody can call him on it, because not enough time has passed. Then the supporters will cite something from the Old Testament that shows a prophecy that took 400 years to come to pass as an example. But if God called it an “alert warning”, wouldn’t that indicate something on the reasonably-near time horizon? Or would God reveal something in a confusing way, calling Nathan to issue an immediate “alert” and even bringing up the spectre of relocating Christian families to safer locations in the country, for something that was years, decades or centuries from occuring?

In the lead-up to his dream, Nathan explains how he had been “seeking God about matters at hand.” He writes “I had been asking Him to show me the things to come.” Now its important if we are to accept this dream as revelation from God that we look at how the information came to him. We must know if the methodology employed conforms to Scripture. We know from God’s Word itself that the spirit of everything must be tested for conformity to the will of God. Anything not confirmed by scripture must be rejected.  If Nathan Leal is a true teacher, he will have no objections to the people testing the spirit of his prophetic dream.

Is there anything in the Bible about prophecy being a gift that is granted to those who ask for it? I guess one could cite that Jesus said to ask for anything from the Father in his name, and it shall be granted, but would this apply to new revelation from the Father? I think that it is very demeaning to Christianity to pass on this idea that our faith is comprised of such a shallow foundation that it is nothing more substantial or structured than simply random individuals asking God in their prayer closets for some new revelation that can then be held up alongside scripture as authoritative.

Is there any example of a biblical prophet being given a prophecy simply because he asked for one?

2 Peter 1:21 For the prophecy came not in old time by the will of man: but holy men of God spake as they were moved by the Holy Ghost.

Doesn’t this clearly spell out that prophecy comes from a movement of the Holy Spirit, not by pulling a string on God like a puppeteer manipulates a marionette? The true prophets of God always wrote as they were moved, or carried along, by the Holy Spirit. Thus the modern day prophets put the cart before the horse, by declaring that they initiate the prophetic process by tugging on God’s prophetic dream string, and obediently God plays along by moving in the requested direction.

The second book of Peter has even more to say about how prophetic revelation comes to the prophet:

2 Peter 1:19(a)  We have also a more sure word of prophecy;……

2 Peter 1:20 Knowing this first, that no prophecy of the scripture is of any private interpretation.

So its clear that no prophecy can have any kind of human interpretation. Just as a little leaven spoils the whole loaf, no human thoughts can be interspersed or injected into the revelation. Do we find any kind of human interpretation in the Watchman’s “Dream Alert Number 6”? This is what the prophet Leal has to say about how God gives him the information:

After a moment of waiting, I again looked out of the window and saw the flash dissipating. As it started fading I said, “That was an EMP!”

Notice God didn’t tell him. He, Nathan, determined intellectually that it was an E.M.P. type of explosion.

After I had this dream, I wondered if the flying objects were nuclear missiles or meteors…….

Was the first one a meteor? And was the second one that exploded in the air a “Tactical EMP Missile” of some sort?

If they were meteors, why would they attack two military bases? And could a meteor cause an EMP?

I saw the anti-missiles try to respond but miss. I do not understand why they missed!

One thing I have learned about prophetic dreams. They are just glimpses, partial images. They are never a complete picture. We only “know in part” and “prophesy in part.”

But folks, I do know this, God did tell me to share this dream.

So here he’s telling us that God is putting him in a situation where he was told to “share” this dream with brethren in the church but is forced by God to add his own speculations and musings as to what the imagery means. Did God ever give prophecy in this manner in the past? Real prophecy is always one hundred percent accurate, and one hundred percent clear. To imply less, is to deny the sovereignty and power of God himself. God is not going to “tease” someone with blurry, out-of-focus images and force the prophet to fill in the gaps. We are told it is sin to mix in human interpretation to divine revelation, so why would God encourage this?

Here we have that man-centered focus of false prophecy today that tells us God wants so much to deliver a clear message but struggles without success to get his words and images through to the man. This is the pride of man on display to teach this. The biblical precedent is much different. When Ananias was prophetically told to go find Paul he was given clearly the street name, the particular house, and that he should ask for Saul of Tarsis. In fact there are no biblical prophecies where the man was left to fill in the details because they had been lacking in God’s message. When God delivers a message, he is not dependant on the receptive abilities of man in any way.    

And to quote “we only know in part, and prophesy in part” (1 Cor. 13:9) as his biblical reference to support the notion that God gives hazy, unclear revelation? This verse needs to be read with the next verse, 1 Cor.:13:10, which states: but when the perfect comes, the imperfect disappears. This is not telling us that prophecy is imperfect. How could something from God be imperfect? These passages are stating that when the “perfect” comes prophecy will not be needed anymore. And the error of the focus on modern day prophecy as a gift of seeing into the future is also exposed, rather than supported, by these verses.

Bible study website Gotquestions.org explains it this way:

Prophecy does not mean forecasting or telling the future. The gift of prophecy in its true biblical definition means simply “speaking forth,” or “proclaiming publicly” to which the connotation of prediction was added sometime in the Middle Ages. Since the completion of Scripture, prophecy has not been a means of new revelation, but is limited to proclaiming what has already been revealed in the written Word. 
In Cor. 13:11 Paul states:
 “When I was a child, I used to speak like a child, think like a child, reason like a child; when I became a man, I did away with childish things.” 
Paul is describing that when the full revelation comes, the partial revelations of the childish state will be done away with. The word translated as “perfect” is used again in Cor. 14:20 where it is translated “men”. The idea again is maturity contrasted with childish ways: 
“Brothers, do not be children in your thinking. Be infants in evil, but in your thinking be mature”


Notwithstanding that 1 Cor. 13:9-11 says nothing about prophecy being hazy, hard to interpret, or incomplete, Mr. Leal can provide stunningly detailed maps pinpointing exact or nearly exact impact points of the explosions.

The Mission of Naval Base Kitsap is to serve as the home base for the Navy’s fleet throughout West Puget Sound and to provide base operating services, including support for both surface ships and Fleet Ballistic.

In my dream the explosion in the air occurred over this base!!!

And this……….

In my dream, in the other area North of Bremerton, I saw an explosion in the air.

The area in the image below was under the explosion! It turns out that it is also a military base, a substantial one!

So which is it, Mr. Leal? Were your images blurry on some things, and razor sharp on others? Why such clarity with pinpoint locations of the targets on the maps you drew for us, but hazy about such things as the general nature of the coming attacks?

Confirmation For the Prophecy?

Internet prophetic types like to provide”confirmation” for their messages, to put it beyond doubt that the information is sent from heaven. What is the most common kind of confirmation? Believe it or not, if someone else has a similar dream, they count this as confirmation. Below his “Alert Warning” article on the Watchmans Cry website, is the following:

Comment from an email that brings confirmation to Nathan’s Dream:

Received Friday – March 9, 2013


I just received an email regarding your dream, Alert Warning #6 – “I Saw an American City Attacked! – Destruction from the Sky!” and I was floored considering I had a very similar dream back on 5 September 2012. (184 days ago)

The email received by Nathan Leal goes on to describe a similar dream of missles over the Puget Sound area. So the idea here is that the more people dream the same kind of thing, the more likely it is from God. I’d like to know the chapters and verses which support that assumption. The human element of “committeeship” in evaluation of each other’s prophecies is doomed to failure. We have already noted in 2 Peter 2:21 that no prophecy is of private interpretation.

Confirmation seems to come from further misinterpretation of scripture as well.  Looking at the watchman’s forum, prophecy discussion groups supporting this prophecy as well as the dreams and visions of other people are punctuated with references to Joel 2:28 and its reference found in Acts 2. I have had Joel 2:28 presented to me as proof of the validity of all kinds of charismatic high jinks over the years, but lets have a closer look.

Joel 2:28 And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions.

In this verse of the Old Testament, Joel is prophesying of a future date when the Holy Spirit shall descend on a group of people, and all signs and wonders shall break forth. This was fulfilled on Pentecost, when the apostles gathered with Peter and the others in the upper room. This was the first day of the church of Jesus Christ. To signify to all the world the power and significance of this day the Holy Spirit descended in tongues of fire, and those present began to speak in tongues and prophesy. One can imagine the glory of this moment! To demonstrate this was the fulfillment of Joel’s prophecy, Peter quoted the words of Joel from scripture and this was recorded in Acts 2:16-18.  This movement of the Spirit was so powerful that 3,000 souls came to salvation that very day!

But nothing in this passage in Acts 2 speaks of a continued outpouring of the Spirit in this form of signs and wonders throughout the current church age. The signs and wonders served a particular purpose on the day of Pentecost: to declare to all observers that this truly was a movement of God and this was truly the inauguration of the church of Jesus Christ.

Because God did something in a certain way in the past, we cannot force his hand to repeat the act in future. God in past spoke through a donkey and a burning bush, but are we to look to these things today for revelation? Pentecost was not meant to be a repeatable event. It was a one time only, glorious event which commemorated the beginning of the church of Jesus Christ. We in the church today would do well to stop trying to counterfeit the signs and wonders given to the apostles alone as authentication of their ground-breaking work in laying down the foundations of the early church.

The neo-Pentecostal  movement is largely responsible for so many in the modern day church taking this passage to mean that we can recreate the wonders of Pentecost anytime we want, even as we dream! The human experience is what is valued most highly in the Pentecostal experience. It is almost as if we can rise above the need for scripture, replacing doctrine with the heady rush of personal experience. The “Baptism of the Holy Spirit”, a kind of higher, second Holy spirit event in the life of a Christian, is taught as something not only to be desired but actually required to be complete as a Christian. This is doctrinal error, as the Holy Spirit comes to help us through the entire process of regeneration and leads us in the progressing and growing of our sanctification. There is never an issue of having to receive the Holy Spirit at another time in a different way.

The Pentecostal doctrines concerning speaking in tongues, healing, and prophecy today are taught as the norms of the Christian experience, and those lacking in the daily exhibition of these gifts are looked upon as unfulfilled in their Christian walk. A complete discussion of the errors of modern Pentecostalism are beyond the purview of this discussion. I recommend “A Theology of the Holy Spirit” by Frederick Dale Bruner as the classic text for understanding the numerous biblical errors the church has been led into since the great surge in the worldwide Pentecostal movement of the last 60 to 70 years.

The Damage Done By the False Prophet

Now what will be the tangible effects of the release of this prophecy? Just as with the 2011 prophecy of the devestation of the city of Spokane, the collateral damage upon God-fearing Christians will be tremendous. In both Spokane and Seattle, believers who don’t have a stong biblical foundation and who follow this ministry will be wondering whether to relocate. Indeed, relocation is brought up in the prophecy itself:

For those of you who might live in the Seattle area, you may be wondering, “What to do?”

I asked God about that. He said, “Those that need to move away, are being shown what to do.”

In other words, if you are asking Him, He will tell you what to do.

So Mr.Leal passes on these messages with great detail from God about the coming destruction of your cities, but when the topic of whether you should move comes up, he shrugs his shoulders and more or less says “Don’t ask me. That’s between you and God.”

And what would relocation mean for the average Christian family? For starters, the breadwinners in each family would almost certainly be required to quit their jobs, unless a miraculous job transfer opportunity opened up. All children of school age would be pulled from their schools and out of the lives of their friends, possibly forever. Houses would need to be sold, often in bad sellers markets. A thousand details would need attention to, such as finding new doctors and medical care in the new locations, new homes to live in, enrolment in new schools, moving expenses, etc., not to even mention finding a suitable new church, not always an easy task.

To make an informed decision, maybe you should look to the prophet himself, and see what he’s doing with his newly acquired information. Nathan Leal continues to live in Priest River, Idaho. On the map this looks like less than an hour’s drive from Spokane. Has he relocated? Ummmmm………. no. Well then, perhaps that’s your cue. Maybe residents of Spokane and Seattle should consider holding off on moving until you see the prophet pull up stakes.

I think the smart money is on him staying put, so I’m pretty sure we’ll hear him courageously announce himself to be under the shield of God’s divine protection, and how he will bravely carry on at his current location. We lesser mortals, we get a shrug of the shoulders and are told to “ask God.” While I’m one hundred percent behind the idea of leaning on God’s protection in all situations, if God tells me “I will destroy a city near where you live”, I don’t think I would have the gall to test God in a show of defiance and make him move missles out of my path to demonstrate his mercy. I would consider my plate full in the mercy shown to me through the warning in the first place, and it would never occur to me put God to the test to see if the information is true, especially with the lives of my family at stake.

The Prophet’s Motivation

All of this brings me to the thought that possibly Mr. Leal remains  to a substantial degree unconvinced of the authenticity of his own prophetic dreams. The only two other possibilities are both nearly unthinkable: (1) the purpose of his release of this dream being to make a name for himself for personal gain. (2) that he is not thinking clearly with full use of his mental faculties.

Is there any reason to think he does this kind of thing for notoriety? In the interest of investigative journalism, I mention the following note near the bottom of the Alert Warning dream, right next to a ‘DONATE’ link:

In the very near future we will be renting a larger facility to accommodate more people. Stay tuned. Our goal is to record the live messages from our meetings and post them online so that we can share the sermons with you.

We are in the process of trying to acquire the sound, recording and visual equipment to accomplish this. If you would like to donate to help make this happen, we appreciate any and all gifts.

In the Old Testament God supernaturally provided for his true prophets and messengers. But I guess he feels that part of the prophetic working doesn’t carry on to the present day. Are we to believe that God continues to provide prophetic revelation today, but he just doesn’t support his prophets anymore?

How Some Christians Respond To the Prophet

To get an idea what response he is getting from his revelation, here are a few random comments being posted about the Alert Warning dream on his forum: http://www.watchmanscry.com/forum/index.php

Nathan, He is using you to awaken those that belong to Him.

(My note: No, God uses the Holy Spirit to do that, not modern day prophets.)

Thank you for your message and your time, Nathan. As I was reading your message. The bright light that went away. At first I thought it was the moon. Now I am thinking of a dream I had a few months ago.

……not exactly like you Nathan but I had been seeing (the white color type filmy scene) “flashes” but as visions…not dreams. It is possible it is related to this. And there are times that I have seen flashes of red/orange/yellow like fire but they are only flashes.

(My note: Modern day prophecy is certainly addictive. Everyone wants to get in on the excitement. Again, the human thirst for experience stands out, to the detriment of doctrine and understanding.)

Wow Nathan. You really went above and beyond with the description, the pictures, and the immense detail.

(My note: But I thought Nathan was citing scripture to show how modern day prophecy is hindered by inaccurate visions and lack of detail?)

Seattle was also one of the cities Henry Gruver saw attacked by a missle in his vision.

(My note: Here we have vision meeting dream to provide confirmation.)

In the final analysis, what should matter most to those believers who are on a true biblical Christian walk is what praises and glorifies God, and how to get rid of the baggage that is carried that does not glorify him, or worse, brings dishonor to his name.

As the Christian forums buzz with chatter about what Nathan has dreamed, the church edges closer and closer to a dangerous precipice, and the widely and wildly misunderstood “charismatic” gifts overtake scripture in popularity if not outright authority. If we in the church don’t quickly shed our Reality TV mentality, and tame our fascination with attempting to unfold the future for God, experience will continue to trump doctrine to the peril of many souls.

Is competing in a incessant contest of one-upmanship with other brethren in the church about the different degrees and varieties of prophetic dreaming and visionary experiences an individual has had, and comparing those experiences to those of others in the body, really the best show of glory and praise the church today has to offer our Lord and gracious Savior? Then it would appear that rumors of the great decline of the church in the interval since the glorious luminescence of the Protestant Reformation are sadly true.

All blessings in Christ,

JD Ellis

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61 Responses to When Dreams Overtake Scripture In Authority : Neo-Pentecostalism and Its Dangerous Effects

  1. Good article, good job.

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  3. redroksaz says:

    You truly do not present the scriptures in their entirety. What did you quote?…”He who takes away from the words of this book”… You wrote the following:
    ” in Acts 2:16-18. This movement of the Spirit was so powerful that 3,000 souls came to salvation that very day!
    But nothing in this passage in Acts 2 speaks of a continued outpouring of the Spirit in this form of signs and wonders throughout the current church age”

    You failed to mention Peter also said that He would “pour out His Spirit upon ALL MANKIND.” That includes ALL not just 3000 people on that particular day. ALL MANKIND means ALL MANKIND. I would like to consider those living today as being included in MANKIND? Peter went on to say “For the promise is for you and your children, and for ALL who are far off (in time)….” (Acts 2:39) This is a continuation of his sermon. This is the same message and same thought process. So, the promise of My Spirit upon ALL MANKIND with/including visions and dreams is for ALL who are far off. Period. (Do not add or take away.)

    You also questioned Nathan Leal for using the word “alert.” You question the use of the term “alert warning” as if God would not use that phrase if the “alert” was far off into the future.This is your general idea presented. May I remind you that Jesus said, “I AM COMING QUICKLY.” (Revelation 22:20) The Greek word for “quickly” is “tachu” which literally means “speedily and without delay.” Maybe you need to question Jesus about His use of the word “quickly”?

  4. I believe the Joel Chap. 2 reference to the pouring out of the spirit was fulfilled on the day of Pentecost. This is why Peter specifically said:

    Acts 2 15-16: “For these men are not drunk, as you suppose, for it is only the third hour of the day; 16 but THIS is what was spoken of through the prophet Joel.” It sounds like fulfillment to me, and not depending on anything in the future.

    Yes, I think when god speaks today to us to warn us of danger, he would not use the terms “urgent” or “alert” in reference to something way off in the future. Your reference is to “being ready” for the coming of Christ. Just like Jesus taught in parable form, we must be ready at all times, for we know not the day or the hour appointed for his coming. Only the Father in heaven knows.

    It is not in reference to the second coming of Christ that Nathan uses the terms “urgent” and “alert”. He uses them in referring to his various doomsday scenarios which he says God is revealing to him. Just because he has stopped his former practice of putting time frames on prophetic revelations from God (i.e., the Gulf oil spill, the Florida storms, and numerous other revelations from the past which had an inferred time frame and did not pan out) does not make these any more accurate, and certainly doesn’t make them any more imminent.

    I just don’t believe God intends us to be governed by the watermark of how much fear can be summoned up over real or imagined threats. In fact Jesus said each day has enough to be concerned about without fear of what tomorrow may bring. This is the Godly life: simply speaking the gospel truth in love because we are commanded to do so.

    JD Ellis

  5. Annettemarie says:

    Plain and simple, Nathan Leal is a bold faced plagiarist and I would not believe ANYTHING coming out of his mouth. I know this from personal experience.

    Before I knew the truth about Nathan Leal and upon witnessing criticism of him on the Christian Mingle forum, I actually created an analogy based on the prophet Jeremiah in Leal’s defense and presented it against his adversaries who claimed that Leal was a plagiarist, who re-cycled others prophetic dreams and visions, as well as fabricating his multitudes of dreams. I defended Leal fiercely. I did not believe them but sadly, some time much later, I learned “by accident” that they were right and I was terribly wrong about him. It was a stunning revelation….it left me absolutely shocked and mortified. I only learned who Mr. Leal really is since about Dec 2013 or Jan 2014, not sure which, in any case I was in a state of shock.

    I can only say, pray for this man. I do believe that he is deranged.

    I do know that the Lord DOES gives prophetic visions, words, and dreams, in these Last Days. The Lord gave me a prophetic word in April 1993. Everything the Lord gave me in that profound event came to pass except for the burning of America in His Holy Judgment, which shall surely come to pass. America is Babylon the Great. Moreover, during my lifetime I have met two Jewish men (one an Orthodox Jew) both of whom had open visions. What I mean by that is that they were not asleep; they were wide awake when they had supernatural visions and both were converted on the spot. After their supernatural experience both devoted their life to Jesus and they did not use it to enrich themselves in any way. They actually worked at their own expense to bring other Jewish people to Jesus. I also had a female acquaintance that had an open vision in 2006 about American teenagers, hundreds of them protesting in the street and all killed, on the sidewalk, on the grass, in the street, hundreds of them by Tanks. She said it was war, it was a massacre. She believed it to be America under Martial Law. The first time she saw Obama, and she didn’t know anything about him, the Holy Spirit told her that he would be the next president and he would be the Last President. This woman is not interested in politics or even the news. She is a faithful servant of the Lord and her passion is leading young people to Jesus. The first time I saw Obama, and knew nothing at all about him, I was overwhelmed with a sense of evilness. I could not bear to look at his image or hear his voice and I still cannot even to this day. I also knew on the day that it was announced that Obama was elected the first time that he was the Last President. The Lord has shown me two other things as well, which I won’t mention here….and as the years go by, I see that the Lord is showing others exactly what he has shown me.

    That being said, I do not believe that Mr. Leal “hears from God.” What I do know for sure is that he is a plagiarist and a liar. He has repeated things I had emailed him (Biblical analogies, personal opinions, testimony, etc.) as his own and claimed that GOD TOLD HIM, THE HOLY SPIRIT TOLD HIM. I was not following his website or his audio messages and that is why I didn’t have a clue to what he was doing. Mr. Leal obviously has no fear of God and ignores the warning of Lord Jesus that all liars will be cast into the Lake of Fire.

    During a guest interview on Hagamann and Hagmann show, Mr. Leal claimed to have had a prophetic dream about the Dome of the Rock. Just by coincidence of course, another pastor who had also been a guest on Hagamanns a day or two earlier had just returned from Israel and gave his opinion of the possible plans for the building of the third Temple. Bingo, Leal gets an idea for the plot of his next revealing dream from god, (small g). The Dome of the Rock! So Leal gives his dream about the Dome of the Rock…whatever is the hot topic of the day Leal has a dream for. Leal also uses this con: “I had this dream or these three dreams years ago but I didn’t understand them until now.” BTW, not sure if it is on this particular date or another date, as a guest on Hagmann’s show Leal announced that some of his dreams are “pizza dreams” but he doesn’t know which one’s they are????….Can you believe this???….covers his lies so when he is exposed, he just claims it was a “pizza dream”. His “Dome” dream is a joke, but the give away is AFTER he relates the details of his dream and makes a statement whereby he exposes himself as a bold faced LIAR. The man is deranged. He will stop at nothing to enrich himself. I may submit Leal’s “dream” in the future to make my point. But this is only the tip of the iceberg.

    Interestingly, in 2013, Pastor Ken Peters, a true servant of the Lord Jesus, prophesied that in 2014 False Prophets would be exposed. I had no idea that that prophecy would relate to me.

    There are so many False Shepherds, so many False Prophets, so many wolves in sheep clothing…We must stay focused on Lord Jesus, not look to the right or to the left, for surely we can be ensnared.

  6. gco23 says:

    I recently had an internet run in with ” the prophet.” That was what made ,e search out information to confirm what I was already feeling, namely that Nathan is a false prophet.

    I called him just that, a false prophet. I swiftly received a sharp rebuke from someone there named Donna. I then called her out point blank as well. She has yet to respond. I do not have time to write proof after proof to argue with such people. But, it is enough for me to know that I can exercise decernment as a believer.

    Nathan Leal is not just a false prophet, he is pedeler of paranoia. He is a wrecking ball in the hands of a crafty foe who uses him to plunder weak Christians everywhere.

  7. Hi gco23. Yes, Nathan Leal sells fear, and passes it off as some kind of modern “gospel” when it is the antithesis of what is the true Christian message. Firmly rooted in secular news stories he appeals to the “itching ears” of those who don’t consider the bible to be sufficient.

    I went through the “Watchman” wringer myself before realizing that nothing from his “ministry” truly lined up with scripture. On his forum years ago I pointed out the errors of another internet heretic named Rick Wiles. I had my post immediately removed, and was summarily kicked off the board. (Yes, by Donna.) Instead I started my own blog and posted my article about Wiles there. (you can Google “rick wiles devastation 2010 and it is at the top). Only a few days later I heard Nathan appearing as a guest on Rick Wiles show!! These heretics stick together and protect each other. That was the moment I realized how deceitful these people are, and I’ve been warning about them ever since.

    May God bless you and continue to grant you strong discernment skills.
    In Christ,
    JD Ellis

  8. Great article JD. This bears witness with me after what I’ve been through the last year or so with a someone who calls themselves a endtimes prophet.

  9. Hi Brandon. Thanks for visiting the site.

    These pseudo-prophets are damaging the church greatly because they draw believers, especially new believers, away from the foundation of God’s truth in his written word. Truth to these types is whatever experiences they have. A colorful dream can be held up as more authoritative than God-breathed scripture itself. They think that God is giving “new” revelation today, which is a heretical denial of Hebrews 1:1 which clearly states God USED TO speak to us through the prophets, but NOW speaks to us through the Son. The Son is the final revelation until the second coming.

    The scriptures are full and sufficient for EVERY good work. (2 Timothy 3:16-17) These people who set up modern day prophetic offices will have a great accounting to do on the final day, to explain why they turned so many of the flock away from the truth of scripture. Even more so for those who do this for financial gain, which would include many of them. They will be like the false believers who prophesied and cast out demons, but denied the real message of the Savior. They will hear the terrible words from Jesus himself: “Depart from me. I do not know you.” Matthew 7:21-23

    All blessings and truth to you on your walk with the Lord,
    JD Ellis

  10. Jo says:

    I found your blog lastnight and have been reading it ever since. I want to thank you for all you do. It is a great service that’s so desperately needed!

    I was a forum member at Watchman’s Cry, joining in 2008. At first, I was delighted, thinking I’d found a place to belong. There were times a red flag went up, but I ignored it. Daily I checked in over there, chatting with others and reading the countless “dreams and visions” that Nathan posted. I found myself reading the Bible less, depending solely on the constant ramblings and revelations of Nathan.

    Then in the Spring of 2009, after nearly a year of reading and listening to all of the conspiracy theories and fear mongering, I convinced my husband that we needed to heed all the warnings, sell whatever we couldn’t carry, and leave the state. My husband quit his job, our children were uprooted, separated from family and friends, and we left.

    What followed was almost 3 years unemployment and extreme financial, marital and physical hardship. Spiritually, I can’t even put into words the effect.

    A very difficult time!

    I’ve since been shown how wrong that so-called ministry is, and how wrong I was to give it any place in our lives.

    I thank God daily for His mercy and grace.

    I’ve read some troubling comments on here, directed at you. I will pray for their eyes to be opened to the Truth.

    Thank you for fighting the good fight, it’s not in vain!

    Praying for you and your’s,

  11. Thanks Jo for your comments. I’m saddened by your experiences in dealing with the false prophet Nathan Leal. But it is encouraging that you have come to know the truth about these evil men who take thoughts from their imaginations and broadcast them as revelations from God. For these men is reserved the greatest of God’s wrath. God will not abide by men who presume to be speaking for him.

    Sadly, your story is one of many I have heard of basically good solid Christian people being caught up in the snares that these men lay. Fear mongering is a terrible transgression against God. The gospel message is one of great hope and encouragement, and these wicked men transform the true gospel of Jesus Christ into gossip, lies, fear, and vain imagination. Praise God that you are free of this wickedness!! I believe God has a purpose for everything he puts us through, and the strength to endure, and I believe your experience will leave you stronger and more firm in your faith than ever before.

    God bless you folks,
    Praying for you and all the victims of evil men in the world,
    In Christ,
    JD Ellis

  12. MotomanJerry says:

    Hi! Thanks for article …. REVELATIONS …. DO NOT ADD … people don’t believe the Bible.
    Muslims … added …. Morman’s added … Self pro-claimed apostles and prophets … added …
    We don’t have to be deceived … believe the KJV is GOD’S WORD and if you don’t understand something in it … let it go or ask God to show you and He may but He will only use His written Word, not others comments or interpretation. All New Pipeline deleted your links and my comments … she is religiously brainwashed!

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