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Testing the Ego For Discernment

Ever since his resounding victory over man in the Garden of Eden, the enemy has recognized that the best place to attack is at the weak point in human nature – man’s sense of pride and ego. The more Satan can … Continue reading

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Disaster as judgment for sin: Christian or Hindu belief?

There is a growing trend in the church and especially on the Christian websites today for people to stand up and pronounce each new disaster that appears in the headlines as punishment for the sins of the people who live … Continue reading

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Is It Judgment or Headline Hunting?

As news broke of a series of terrible tornadoes in and around Alabama on April 27th, I was mentally calculating how long it would take for one of the self-appointed prophets of the internet to announce that this was the handiwork of the … Continue reading

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Disaster and the False Teachers

There’s nothing that whets the appetite of an internet prophet/watchman more than natural disaster. The catastrophic events in Japan are providing the self-appointed watchmen with more fodder to pass on to their listeners as “proof” that God’s hand of judgment … Continue reading

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The endtime cult of Fear

Some of the most ardent and strident merchants of fear in society these days are not who you would expect. They are the “watchmen” of the internet, those prophetic types who fancy themselves in the Biblical role of the watchman on the wall.  They constantly beat … Continue reading

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Rick Wiles and the devastation of America in 2010: a muddied cup of prophecy

Rick Wiles and Trunews want to close the books on 2010 prophecy Background to the story: …..January 8. 2010 – Rick Wiles issues a message through his ministry that he clearly labels as a message he received from the Holy … Continue reading

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