This is the blog of JD Ellis.

I am a born again Christian. I was raised a Catholic, became disillusioned and strayed away from the faith for much of my life, before accepting Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. My guide is the Bible, which I believe is the complete, inspired word of God. I use this blog as a reminder to myself, and others, that we are never to elevate the words of men to the same stage of truth as God’s word.

I was fooled myself for a short time by the false prophets of the internet. I was never fooled by their prophecies, because I believe the Bible is the full and total revelation by God to us in these days. But I found myself listening to all the doom and gloom messages, and I knew something was amiss. God doesn’t take pleasure in spreading fear. The news of the gospel is good news, it is not about fear and panic.

I became determined to sound the alarm so that others may not be harmed by the false doctrine.

All blessings in Christ,

JD Ellis


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  1. Thanks for your comments, Annettemarie. You join a long list of people, myself included, and hundreds of others, who have come to the realization that this man is a deceiver of the worst kind. I think people of his kind are what the Bible warns us will proliferate in the end times – those who speak the wickedness of their own hearts and present it as revelation from God.

    Rest assured that as much as you feel lonely and betrayed you are in the arms of a loving Father who will never desert you. You mention you are a street witness for the Lord. I can assure you this speaks volumes about your devotion to the Lord. Simply approaching a person on the street and witnessing to that person about what Christ has done to give you eternal life is worth infinitely more for the Kingdom than all the phony “God told me” egotistic lies of Nathan Leal. We should all feel very sorry for him. I think you are accurate in your assessment of his mental stability, or lack of same.

    To be a follower of Christ is to suffer and be exposed to opposition. It is not an easy road to travel. The narrow path is much more bumpy that the popular wide path that leads to destruction. We can never change the hearts of men like Nathan Leal, or the hearts of his victims like Hagmann and the thousands of others he has sent down this reckless path of following the dictates of dreams and visions that come from the human heart and human mind. Only the working of the Holy Spirit can perform a work on the human heart. The human heart and the human mind by themselves are the source of nothing but falsehood, and are the most unreliable weapons in our spiritual journey.

    We must put on the armor of truth, as contained in the Holy Scriptures, to wage our battles. I certainly believe God can and does reveal things to us personally. In my conversion experience, he revealed the truth of his Son while I was reading a New Age book about Buddha, so I know God reveals himself in many diverse ways. But he does not honor the office of public “prophet” in these days. Hebrews 1:1 tells us his revelation to us now is in the form of his Son, while it had formerly been done through the prophets of old when the Canon of Scripture had not been completed. We now have God`s full and final revelation.

    People like Leal think they can become rich and famous by giving us a `new revelation` from god, that adds to our understanding of the Lord. This is false and deceptive, and is actually a work of Satan. If you can point me in the direction of where he has specifically plagiarized others I would be eager to present this information on my blog. I believe when someone is stealing words and thoughts of others while presenting them to be revelations of God, that person should be exposed.

    My prayers are with you. I am saddened to hear of the damage this man has caused you, but I strongly encourage you to persevere with your personal ministry to the lost and unsaved with the glorious message of the Gospel. In the end, all lies will be exposed, and all truth will prevail. May God bless you richly.

    All blessings in Christ,
    JD Ellis

  2. Wolves in Sheeps clothing? says:

    I’m sorry to hear about your experience with Leal but I wish I could say I was surprised. Please watch out for this entire crew Hagmann, Leal etc. Now Hagmann and David Hodges –so called Christian truth tellers are making accusations against the military citing “sources” that Obama would view as treason and subversion … Military has nukes to counter Obama … If the Feds don’t knock on their doors you have got to wonder who they are serving. It’s like they are inciting for civil war/martial law. Unfortunately you will also see/hear that Hagmann is not a very good private Investigator after all but talks a good game. Listen to a show excerpt. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vofe72u5xIo

  3. Thanks for the comments. These people are a real hazard to the church today. It seems their main purpose is to distract as many Christians as possible away from the gospel and onto these fruitless and unsubstantiated storylines that change from week to week. This work is satanic in nature because the end result is not increased sanctification in the lives of their listeners but instead it sidetracks everyone from their true calling in the church today. Some of their claims are truly outlandish and foolish. It makes me wonder how they can even call themselves Christian.

    JD Ellis

  4. Nancy says:

    So where are the prophets that are to rise up in the last days? I found this blog by inquiring who Nathan Leal was. And found the blog about him. No resent blogs on your site, why? I do wonder how you can say that some one is lying when they say Jesus appeared to them? I have not seen him but who are we to say He won’t show himself and those that say He did are deluded. I don’t think that the warnings that some give out, ( very few prophets) are not meant for believers but those who don’t believe. I have heard some but they don’t frighten me, believers should never get frightened. I haven’t heard of any prophets that I can actually say are prophets, where are they,?”men and women will prophecy(sp). Do you know of any? I signed up to follow you but no recent post, hope you are well.

  5. Dear brother thank you for your letters . Grace and peace through Jesus Christ our Lord be with you . May we edify you to compare the King Jesus Bible and the ESV ? Im tired of calling it the king james bible as we have no King by Jesus , james is English for jacob by the way so we call it the King Jesus Bible as Jesus deserves all the glory for bringing it into this world .

  6. Blessings brother. I think the ESV is one of many good, solid versions of the Bible available. I have studied the “King James Only” controversy, and find it lacks any Biblical support. The idea some have is that only the King James version contains the word as God intended us to have it translated.

    I can best refer you to the book “The King James Only Controversy” by Dr. James White. He is an expert on things such as textual variances. Basically I think its a matter of language evolving over time, and some of the 17th century English of the KJV loses some of its clarity in modern times. While there are some bad versions out there, I think we can be safe with something like the ESV, which changes nothing of the meaning, but merely updates the language. For further info, Google “the King James Controversy”. The Wikipedia page has a good explanation, and Dr. White’s book is available on Amazon.

    All blessings,
    JD Ellis

  7. Pat Weist says:

    Mr Ellis, I understand your position, but feel you may deceived into thinking the truth is fear mongering. If you do not believe in the truth, Jesus is truth, so by your own admission you do not believe in Jesus. The powers that shouldn’t be, are being driven by satan and his minions, and we are in grave danger of losing our country, and eventually many lives. Your ministry of smearing and attempting to discount truths, that are being broadcast to wake others who may be sleeping, is not noble. I do not mean to be disrespectful, but to lay down and take what is being dished out is exactly what satan wants. I cannot in all conscience sit back and allow you to deceive others into thinking everything is fine and dandy, while there are real men of God spreading the word of prophecy, directly from the Bible. Maybe your version isn’t telling you the truth. Frankly, I am very certain that a version translated and written in 1971 is more of a bastardization of the scriptures, than the KJV. I am speaking, of course, of your reference to ESV.

  8. I don’t think the “truth” is fear mongering. I think the truth is the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. I think Wiles preaches “another gospel” when he claims to be a preacher of the Word. He calls himself a “pastor” while he gives mere lip service to the scriptures and places news headlines, and worse, speculation about news headlines, far in front of the scriptures. He actually mocks what a biblical pastor does by reciting, without any attempt at exegesis or giving the meaning or context, a bible verse in the last 30 seconds of each broadcast. He may be fooling lots of listeners like yourself into thinking this is being a Christian “pastor” but he will have plenty to answer for on that great day in the future.

    You state “to lay down and take what is being dished out is exactly what Satan wants.” No its not. What Satan wants is for everybody to tune into these broadcasts of Wiles everyday and look to this man for “spiritual” direction instead getting it from the Word of God. I can guarantee you Satan loses no sleep at all when Christians tune into these never ending conspiracy stories and venom-spewing hatred against the secular government. Satan trembles when we open the Good Book and actually use IT for our guidance.

    I have a book Wiles wrote 15 years ago and it contains many of the same stories he is talking about now. You know, that stuff where God told him the country only has a few more months of existence left. While I agree the U.S. appears to be under the judgment of God, it is not by listening to his show that I know this. It is by holding up the Bible and seeing how far away from biblical principles the country has gone.

    If the country is in such peril. it is all the more reason for Wiles to be putting down the newspaper and preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. The truth is Wiles doesn’t do that, (except for that 30 seconds at the end of each hour-long show), for two reasons. One, he can’t, because he has no training in hermeneutics at all and doesn’t have any understanding of scripture. And two, he understands the basic human nature of wanting to have our ears tickled rather than hearing about the blood of someone who died on a cross. He knows where the numbers are. He is a marketer by trade. He knows The news headlines are going to fatten his audience and his pocket far more than the gospel ever will.

    If you want to pretend this is the gospel of Jesus Christ then that makes you one of the people spoken of in 2 Timothy chapter 4:

    3 For the time is coming when people will not endure sound[a] teaching, but having itching ears they will accumulate for themselves teachers to suit their own passions, 4 and will turn away from listening to the truth and wander off into myths.

    It doesn’t matter how accurate Wiles speculations and musings about the country are, (and they have been horrifically inaccurate for the entire 15 years of the Trunews broadcast), the gospel is about the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, and the atonement for all the sins of those who believe in him. Anyone who declares himself a preacher of the gospel like Wiles does daily, and proceeds to broadcast secular news and opinion and call it gospel, is a horrific liar and demonic to the core.

    By the way the ESV is a very valid and biblically accurate version of scripture. You KJV-only people drive me completely around the bend. You have no clue what you’re talking about when you claim all newer versions are “bastardizations”. If you read some texts by biblical scholars who spend their lives studying things like textual variants you would quickly see that KJV-only is a mythological belief.

    May God open your eyes to turn off the endless rabbit trails of Wiles’ fertile imagination and turn to scripture. All God needs us to know is in there. It doesn’t need “supplementation” by news reporters who claim to be “called by God to read the news”. Wiles actually said this recently, and still people don’t get it. There is no pastor, in the past, present, or future, who is called by God to read the news.

    And to Mr. Wiles, if I’m wrong about you being in this for the money, prove it. Give up your newscasts and devote the entire one hour to preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ each and every day.

    JD Ellis

  9. Let Love Rule says:

    Yeah, I used to be a senior member on the WMC until I was banned for not really sure why. But I really don’t lose any sleep over it. Jesus, my elder Brother, keeps close to my thoughts on reminding me to forgive my brothers and sisters continually, NOT conditionally. HE is the Master of the Way and it is not God’s Will that any of His children (no One excluded) should ever perish. So, I am not a big believer in “hell”. How we ultimately treat others, we treat ourselves.
    Love and Peace.

  10. Don’t know what the “WMC” is. However I can tell you Jesus is not your older brother. He is your Savior. And despite how some feel that no one suffers eternal damnation, the scriptures are clear on this. I have no intention of raising a toast to Hitler, Judas, or the Pharoah when I die. They will be some other place.

    This “love only” teaching is what I learned decades ago when I was dabbling in occult and New Age ideas, and I solemnly repent of those evil influences today.

    Love may “rule” but it rules only in the dark places if it comes without the Savior and the Word of God.

    May God open your eyes to the truth contained in his Holy Bible,
    JD Ellis

  11. Dave says:

    Need some new posts, JD. The Rick Joyners of the world are still out there, prophesying based on news headlines. ISIS, ebola, immigration.

  12. b frieseman says:

    It is reported that Nathan Leal has Lupus. It should be noted that “SOME” but not all people with Lupus have mental issues. It is something they look for when making a diagnosis.

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