This is the blog of JD Ellis.

I am a born again Christian. I was raised a Catholic, became disillusioned and strayed away from the faith for much of my life, before accepting Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. My guide is the Bible, which I believe is the complete, inspired word of God. I use this blog as a reminder to myself, and others, that we are never to elevate the words of men to the same stage of truth as God’s word.

I was fooled myself for a short time by the false prophets of the internet. I was never fooled by their prophecies, because I believe the Bible is the full and total revelation by God to us in these days. But I found myself listening to all the doom and gloom messages, and I knew something was amiss. God doesn’t take pleasure in spreading fear. The news of the gospel is good news, it is not about fear and panic.

I became determined to sound the alarm so that others may not be harmed by the false doctrine.

All blessings in Christ,

JD Ellis


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  1. James Foard says:

    This is one of Rick Wiles’ doom and gloom programs from 2015 where he’s interviewing false prophetess Mena Lee Grebin. For years Wiles predicted imminent economic collapse and war. It was always right around the corner. It never came. Now that Trump is elected Wiles is singing a different tune. Happy Days Are Here Again. Everything’s turning up roses.
    My advice? If Rick Wiles ever predicts economic collapse again, take every penny you own and invest it into the Stock Market. Pick the riskiest stocks out there and sink everything you have in them. You’ll reap a Bonanza.
    But don’t do that now. Now Wiles is predicting fair skys and sunny days ahead for America. With his track record this almost terrifies me. Personally if I had money in stocks I would sell them all yesterday. I would get out of debt, stock up on supplys, move to the country and raise chickens.
    If Wrong Way Wiles predicts a hurricane plan for a picnic. Now that he’s predicting sunny days head, grab your umbrella and head for the high country.

  2. Bob M says:

    Hello JD:

    Please allow me to add some words in support of your previous response.

    As you say, there are no afterthoughts, postscripts, or addenda needed to complete the Word of God. John not only makes this explicitly clear at the end of Chapter 22 in the Book of Revelation, he warns away those who would attempt to do so.

    Consequently, a red flag should be raised whenever anyone comes along with with a new dream, vision, or prophecy. That person has an extremely high bar to get over with respect to the closing words of Revelation. So — this is the first test one must use to determine whether or not a person is a false prophet: is the the prophet, dreamer, or visionary adding to or subtracting from what has been revealed in the Gospel.

    A second way to help determine the validity and authenticity of such a person’s claims is to measure what he or she says with the actual words and meaning of the of the Gospel itself.

    One should be especially on guard for the tendency of modern day “prophets” to take words and verses out of context and then to transmute them into bizarre, idiosyncratic speculations. These speculations, aside from being contradictory and often nonsensical, are really occult ideas covered with a veneer of Christian terminology and supported by the most unsound kind of biblical exegesis. The occult nature of these fantasies relates to the fact that they are almost always based on extra-biblical sources — both ancient and modern.

    A third way to help determine the validity of prophecy, dream or vision is to test it against reality: Did he event spoken of occur as stated; and by that I mean, did it occur exactly as originally stated. If not, listen for double talk of the following variety: “The Lord heard our prayers and decided to wait before He acted.” Or, “The Lord changed his plans based on such and such…”

    Another kind of double talk — the “prophet” knows that very few people will remember exactly what was said so he or she will just state, “Yes, what happened was exactly in line with my prediction.” This kind of double talk is very common on Internet-based broadcasts that host a steady stream of prognosticators. This makes it extremely difficult to keep track of who said what. Thus, its impossible to compare the specific prophecy with the actual outcome.

    Or, lastly, another variation on the theme of double talk— the “prophet” who says something to the effect of, “Oh, yes! For those who know me this is something that I predicted 10, 15, 20 years ago.” Really? I think those who don’t know you have the right and obligation to be skeptical.

    BTW, just a reminder, the word,” prophecy,” does not always pertain to predictions about the future. The word is often used to denote teachings. In either case, I agree they are not to be despised but must be proved so that we can indeed hold fast to that which is good.

    Thanks in advance for giving me the space to post a message.


  3. Hi James! Thanks for your comments. I’ve always been amazed at how one person could be so wrong about so many things as Rick Wiles. One day I saw a book he wrote back in 1999 called “Judgment Day 2000” on sale for one cent on Amazon. This book was amazing in that it contained predictions and/or “prophecies” from cover to cover. Not one single thing out of literally dozens mentioned in the book even remotely came close to coming true. The main premise was of course the “Y2K” bug which all the so-called prophets at the time were claiming God told them would bring disaster and untold devastation to the entire world. This is in fact how Rick Wiles began his ministry: by travelling the country speaking at seminars and churches telling everyone how God spoke to him about these coming dire events related to worldwide computer failure because of Y2K.

    The rest is history. He now has a big following with his ministry, which still is largely based on prophetic words from God, or “new” revelation. He succeeds because his followers are so undiscerning that they never call for any accountability. He is given free pass after free pass to continue declaring one error after the other, all the while declaring or strongly implying that God is the source of this information.

    You are right: we are truly in perilous times if Mr. Wiles is calling for clear skies and smooth sailing in our immediate future. Batten down the hatches.

    All blessings in Christ,
    JD Ellis

  4. Hello Rebecca. Thanks for your kind comments. These sorts of people written about here have all been documented to be false prophets, yet amazingly most of them continue having a big following. I experienced the same thing you did in trying to reach these people: if I posted anything I was blocked, or blocked and barred from future participation. They know they stand on shaky ground, so they must stifle any legitimate attempt to hold them accountable or even to explain their past failings. They just want cheerleaders who applaud their every move, and unfortunately they have many of these followers who fail to exercise discernment.

    I feel blessed that my blog is still reaching a few souls like yourself that truly want to follow the word of God over the word of man. My God greatly bless you and your family.

    JD Ellis

  5. Diane lewis says:

    Awesome job. Great insight. Thank you. Very helpful. Most appreciative.

  6. Thomas morgan says:

    Great post on false prophets and your article on doctrines was a tribute to the many who have come before us speaking the Word of God in service to Christ and truth. Thanks for the encouragement to preserve the searching the scriptures

  7. Thanks Thomas and God bless you.

  8. Thanks for visiting the blog Diane and God bless you.

  9. Peter says:

    JD Ellis
    It sounds like you have been listening to the sound preachig of the late Martyn Lloyd Jones formerly of Westminster Chapel London UK. His recorded sermons are an inspiration and can be found on MLJ Trust and the Monergism site
    God bless from Australia

  10. Leslie K Ephland says:

    Thank you for publushing this. I had been following Nathan Leal for years until yesterday, when he joined the Flat Earth cult.
    He will not accept even friendly disagreement. He does not like to have his ability to use discernment questioned. It is finally clear to me how he sets himself above others.

  11. Thanks Leslie. If ever there was a classic demonstration of what a false prophecy is all about, it is the ministry of Nathan Leal. He is an egomaniac who, just as you put it, has no intention of engaging in honest dialogue with anyone.
    I remember years ago when he was with his first wife Donna they used to attack me viciously if I ever dared to contradict any of their teachings on the Watchmans Cry forum. All we can do is pray for these false prophets because they are aligning themselves with a very harsh judgment on the Last Day, and one can only feel pity for them.

    The book of Jeremiah chapter 23 tells us how much God truly hates people who speak falsehood and put His name on the lies, which actually emanate from their corrupt hearts rather than from the Lord himself.

    All blessings in Christ,
    JD Ellis

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